standard dining room table height

standard dining room table height

hello everyone and welcome to the hippie geeks! in this video we are going to put our kitchentable on weels and ride it down a half pipe! well that is only half true and while we aregoing to be putting it on wheels, getting it into a half pipe is going to have to waitfor another day. when you have eight people living in the samehouse you need to be flexible. we don't have a lot of space, and the spacewe do have needs to be just as flexible as we do. this is our kitchen table, and it is amazing. it is started its life as a desk, but it isincrediably sturdy and has worked as a table

for us for many years. during the day we typically have it pushedup against a wall, and then slide it out for dinner or to work on projects. right now it is living a sideways life tomake room for our christmas tree. several of my videos have been shot on thistable, and i am sure that many more will be in the future. while we currently have generic felt sliderpads underneath the legs that have worked for many years, they are not a perfect solution. if something hard like a rock gets caughtunderneath them, it can scratch the heck out

of laminate flooring. they also do not slide very well, and afteryears of service the legs have started loosening up and wobbling a bit. it's time to fix all of that. i was at lowes looking for pieces that i neededon another project, when i happened to look down and saw these incrediably affordablesets of casters at a mere $3.50 per pair. when i saw the deal this project jumped intothe forefront of my mind and i knew it was time to start. i sprinted to the checkout laughing like amaniac, and headed home to begin.

before starting this project, make sure tomeasure the bottom of your table legs. the base of your casters has to fit completelyinside the dimensions bottoms of the legs so that the screw holes will be lined up withthe wood. after that it's time to remove the felt sliderpads from the bottom of the legs along with the metal pads that were also there. i used my leatherman, though a pocket knifeor flat bladed screwdriver would work just as well. place your caster on the bottom of the tableleg, making sure that it fits on there. grab a drill bit that is a little smallerthan the shank of your screws, and then get

ready to pre-drill the first hole. you do not want to split your table leg andthat is why we are pre-drilling every hole. hold the caster in place and carefully drillthru the center of one of the holes into the wood. this doesnt have to be perfect as you willnot be able to see the actual screws once the table is flipped back over. once you have the hole drilled, grab yourscrew and sink it in. straighten the caster out if its positionshifted, and get ready to pre-drill the next hole.

we are going to do the same thing here, pre-drillingfirst and then sinking the screw in. once you have the first two screws in placethe caster is now secured, and you can pre-drill the last two holes one after the other. once they are pre-drilled go ahead and sinkin the last two screws and this leg is done. go around to the other three legs, and followthe exact same process until you have casters on all four legs. the casters are now installed, but i alsowant to fix the slight wobble that the legs have developed. looking at the base of the legs, you can seehow they are held in place by a square headed

bolt that runs thru a sturdy metal plate. i am going to take a crescent wrench, adjustit to the proper size and tighten down the bolts until they are nice and snug. i am also going to take this chance to tightenall of the other screws that hold the table together. once that is done, its time to flip it backover. here it is all finished up, and i couldn'tbe happier with the results. the table now freely moves around, which isperfect for our needs. if you want to be able to have the castersbut also be able to lock it in place, just

replace one of the pairs of casters for aset with a locking mechanism. that will allow you to move it around whenyou want to, then secure it in place. this project was purely functional, and itworked out exactly like i hoped it would. if you decide to put casters on somehthingin your home, i would love to hear about it in the comments below. if this is your first time here on the hippiegeeks it would be wonderful to have you subscribe! this channel is all about helping you unleashyour life and create a world that you love. if you enjoyed this video give it a like andleave a comment, as we love hearing from all of you!

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