staging a dining room

staging a dining room

here are a couple of things that i pointedout to my sellers before they put the house on the market. one is the end-cap of thiscabinet top has come off; this is a piece that you can simply buy at any of your bigbox hardware stores. and it has already got sealant on the other side. you simply pealthis off. i think the piece is only about $2, so it’d be a very easy fix that thehomeowner could do. and the caulking has dried, and that’s a common thing that’ll happenover time. they now need to cut out and remove the old caulk and then go back and replacethe caulk. we like to tell our homeowners to make sure that their appliances are extraclean. grease is one of those things that clings very heavily, so we’re going to askthem to pay extra special attention to cleaning

their appliances. and that would just makethe home show much much better.

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