small dining room table

small dining room table

how to make some tables hello again! in this video i'll show you some of my go-to tables! it's going to be a mix of modern and classic tables. like with this table, i'll often use string to make carpet float. this one is one of my favorites. most of the tables i'll show in this video are scalable to exactly the size you might need. a really good looking one! (i prefer the spruce one) these are a little weird and very solid.

you can of course make patterns in the carpet using different colors... a tiny and sleek looking design. you can also try to mix and match colors! this design is a functional classic. you can also make a roulette table! it's a bit more complicated, but i have a video for it! you can find it in the comments once you're done with the video. with these, you can place stuff on top. this is probably the most used table design ever!

i had to include it. these are easy to make look good with chairs! another useful one that i don't see used that often. another classic! i have a quick tip though! you can also use a sticky piston if you want to have a dirty table! maybe add a few of this in a bar? a simple modern table, easy to scale. also doable in all the colors of the rainbow!

use weird shapes and hanging carpet! you can create an endless amount of unique modern tables! more of a counter, but might inspire you! some skinny and clean looking tables. i've also made a table tennis table. you can find that video in the comments too. have you noticed cauldrons have legs? use them as tables! another simple table design.

feel free to rate the video, i'd love some feedback! just a quick tip when using fence as table legs! remember that fence gates can look really good! fence combined with carpet is also a classic. a small simple design similar to the pressure plate design. i prefer this one though. tiny table concept that can be scaled to an infinite size! looks really clean and modern, in my opinion. it's easy to lengthen or broaden.

very modern looking almost futuristic tables! sometimes, something as simple as a log can look great! it can add a rustic feeling to your garden or modern home! super simple, i use it a lot. end rods also male for great table legs. you can choose to have them with or without tiny purple feet! hope you feel more inspired! like, leave a comment and subscribe to magmamusen, he has great content! you won't regret it!

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