small dining room ideas

small dining room ideas

hi, everyone. it's alejandra. and in thisvideo, i'm going to share with you everything that i have inside of my dining room cabinetfor everything related to entertaining. so this is the cabinet that i have all of myentertaining supplies that i'm going to show you everything. but this is the exact pieceof furniture that i had inside my home office in a lot of my previous videos that a lotof people asked where it's from. so i got it from my ikea about two or three years agoand i love it because all the drawers, they slide really nicely in the cabinets down just push them and they open and then to close them, you just push them again. it'sgreat. i've had it for three years and it's just working wonderfully.

so everything that i have inside my diningroom is related to entertaining. i don't keep this stuff in the kitchen because it's allrelated to entertaining which i do inside the dining room. so let me show you what ihave inside here. so down here on the bottom shelf, i have all of my linens. so like napkins,table cloths. like right here, i have two sets of napkins and i organized them by liketype and what set they belong to so like all the floral, all the solids are back there.and then over here, i have all of my round table cloths for our round table in the diningroom. and then over here, i have all of the rectangular table cloths for our kitchen tablebecause our kitchen table is rectangular. and then on the bottom shelf here, i put adhesiveshelf liner to kind of give it a popup color.

i felt like everything was so dark insidethis cabinet and i kind of wanted to lighten it up. so putting a shelf liner did the trick.and this took - adding shelf liner and trying to get it without bubbles takes so long todo. i think each shelf took maybe like 30 minutes or something to do. so it's a lotof time because it's worth it because it just looks pretty and it just gives it a popupcolor. so up here, i have like a little bar kit,a cocktail set, i have more napkins for napkins. and then here, i have drink koozies. and allthe containers like i try to use clear ones so i could immediately see what is insidewhat right when i open the cabinet. this, i just reuse from another area of the house.

and then at the very top of the drawer uphere, i have napkin rings so two sets here and then i have all of the plastic. this islike picnic ware and just like plastic flatware and stuff. and i sorted everything by categoryso all the knives are here, all of the forks are here, and then all of the spoons are righthere. and i put them inside of a ziploc bags so nothing gets dusty when they're away instorage and they're just clean next time you use them. all right. so over here, i have a lot of sugarand i sorted them by category because we had so many different varieties but i like toput them out whenever we have company over because everybody likes a different type ofsugar so there's regular sugar, there's stevia,

there is splenda, there is equal. yes, sothere's just like so much. and the dividers i use here, they're justclear little dividers just like this. they are made for like home office supplies orkitchen supplies so i just reuse them for my office. and i didn't label anything becausei just open it and i could see what is what and plus i feel like if i added labels, everythingwould have been covered because these are kind of high, these are kind of high, andthese are kind of high. so yeah, that's about it. and then if you feel like you're dividersor your organizers are sliding, what you can do is put a piece of museum putty on the verybottom of the organizer and then stick it

to the bottom of the drawer. the museum puttywill hold it in place so when you open the drawer nothing is going to slide back. buti feel like nothing is sliding back so i didn't do that. ok. so on the other side of the cabinet, ihave more entertaining supplies. so in here, i have - down here, this container, thereare plastic cups for again, for entertaining. they're all wrapped in plastic so nothinggets dirty while they're in storage. and then in the middle here, i have all the plastic- not plastic, paper goods like for picnics and barbeques and stuff. and again, everythingis in a jumbo size ziploc bag so it doesn't get dusty.

then over here, i have so many napkins becausei did a decoupage project like last year and we used like rainbow colored napkins. now,i have so many sets of napkins. but all the napkins are in ziploc bag. so again, nothinggets dirty or dusty. and then i organize these ones vertically so you can just pull it outand look up and you really see everything you have. ok. and then over here, i have a lazy susanwith little airplane bottles. so i like to make cocktails like i like trying new recipesfor different cocktails but i don't want to buy like a full bottle or something if thecocktail is not going to come out tasty so i just buy small ones and then try makingthem. and if i like them, i can get something

bigger. over here, i have all of my straws. so i'ma big straw person. i love using straws for like juices, smoothies, cocktails. so thereis like these really thick straws, these are fun for smoothies or milkshakes. and thenthere are smaller straws here and then coffee stirrers right there. and then here is a silverware organizer. sowhenever i have a party, i'll put the knives here, the spoons here, the forks here, thenapkins here, so that's only for entertaining purposes. then paper cups, just for fun. idon't know why. and that is everything. so i have shelf linerdone here. again, that took a long time to

do. the shelf liner is from t.j. maxx. it'sby the macbeth collection and it comes in different colors. and then up here in thisdrawer, i have all of the hot plates over here. so these are all from ikea. there arethree different sizes. and what's cool about these hot plates is if you don't need to usethem for hot plates, you can mount them to the wall in the office or in the kitchen anduse them as corkboard squares to like hang an invitation, hang a card, hang a piece ofpaper and they are super cheap at ikea. so those stay here. matches, so ed and i love to collect matchesevery time we go to restaurants or travel somewhere, we always bring them back so allof our matches are here for candles. pebbles

for decorating or for vases, for flowers areright here. i keep them in a baggy so they don't get dusty. and then all of the tea lights for candleswhen you have party and stuff is over here. so there are regular tea lights and then thereare these battery-operated tea lights just like that. and these are actually - theseare from pier 1 but i've actually seen them at the dollar store so you can get them cheap. ok. so that's everything inside of the buffet.what you're going to do when you're organizing your dining room is keep everything that'srelated to entertaining in the space instead of keeping those things in the kitchen. sinceyou do all your entertaining in the dining

room, you want to have everything nice andaccessible. ok. so that's everything i wanted to showyou inside the dining room. i hope this video was helpful. and if you want more organizingtips and videos, you can visit my website at i'll see you soon. bye!3

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