fairview dining room

fairview dining room

hi. i'm karen otto with home star stagingand today i'm going to show you how to fake it in bed. when selling a homeit's important to showcase a bedroom for its intended purpose. no bed,no problem. today, i'm going show you how to make a fake bed look real. here's what you'll need. you'll need six filesize office boxes. you'll line them up two-by-two from the wall youwant to place your bed on. place your first inflatable air mattress on topof the six file size office boxes. place your bed skirt on the first inflatablemattress. then place your second mattress on top ofthe first, and then place your

comforter on to finish it off. next, you'llbring your pillows out. make sure they're fluffy, standing up straight,and put a decorator pillow on the bed and you're set.

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