extendable dining room table

extendable dining room table

this is a butterfly table. it is a round glasstable they extend out and seat up to eight people. the extensions simply roll out, pop up and line up perfectly with top-of-the-table. to compact table yousimply roll it the other way two leaves drop down and hide underneath the round glass table. here is example for the butterfly seating with four people. you can alsopack around more chairs, in this example we have eight chairs around thebutterfly table which is great for a drink scenario or board games. if you wantto convert this into a dining scenario simply roll up table, the extensions pop-up andnow you can seat 8 comfortably for a dining setting. as you can see in this situationthere's ample room proceeding for up to

eight people. there's a tempered glass topand it's finished with silver legs. for more information you can visit expandfurniture.com, thanks for watching

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