ella dining room and bar

ella dining room and bar

-hey guys, we're here ata local high school out in queens, new york city. now, kevin, you're in anew movie called "night school," and because of that,i thought it would be fun if the two of us went backto high school for a day and competed againsteach other to see who is the better student. now, none of the studentsknow we're here, so we're about to surprise them

and crash their classes all day. you ready?-yes. [ bell rings ] -good morning, everybody. so, we havetwo new students today. let's make them feel welcome. -hey.-good morning. -thank you.-this is for you. oh, please. eat it whenever.

hey. [ all gasp ]-good morning. -how you doing?-good. -an apple? what do you give himan apple for? i don't know you're intoapple products, but i got you all of them. -apple.-[ laughs ] -yeah, you could eat mine,make it into an applesauce.

-you know where you can learnmore about applesauce? on apple tv.-hmm. -i'm ready to learn.i'm not here to waste your time. -all right, so, today,we're going to be doing some solvingalgebraic equations. all right, so, jimmy,you want to give it a try? -um, sure. -[ laughs ]-of course. and let's see."x" plus 22.

-unh-unh. unh-unh.-29. -unh-unh. -that thing,i always very good -- -mnh-mnh.-32, "x" -- -what?-"x" equals 7. -what?! what?! -no.[ laughter ] -oh, like you know what it is.-everybody knows that. if he had called me up there,it's easy.

you just ---i don't even know -- [ bell rings ]oh, i guess i can't show you. i got to go.-that's unbelievable. -i got to go. -here's the daywe've all been waiting for -- frog dissection. -oh!-oh! [ both gag ] -i'm gonna throw up.

[ burps ] kinda see his ass.i can see the frog... oh, my god.[ burps ] oh, it got me. -and i had a bag,like, a bag, you know. and that's when i said,"put the money in the bag." [ laughter ] i can't even talk![ chair scraping ] [ laughs ]what's that noise?

so, finally ---you guys having -- -it's so loud. it's so loud. it's so loud.it's so loud. just pick the chair up. -hi, guys.-it's so loud. -how you doing?oh, this is so fun. are you guys laughing over here?[ laughs ] i got a joke. do you want to heara school joke?

a neutron walks into a bar. a neutron. he goes to the bartender,"how much for a drink?" the bartender says,"well, for you, no charge." [ laughs ] -oh, my god.-it's a neutron. -guys. guys. i'm sorry, megan. -what's your problem?-guys...

-you don't know whata neutron is? no charge. nerds.[ laughs ] ♪♪ -watch out, guys.watch out, watch out, watch out. -watch out. watch out.watch out. -[ clears throat ]-watch out. -hit the ropes -- now.-he was the one that held me up. -everyone else, go.

ropes -- now.-oh, my god! -i think i'm wearingyour shorts. -he ---unbelievable. [ squeaking ] [ squeaks ] [ whistle blows ]-let's go. you got it. yeah! and now we start. that's right.

yeah! keep going! -[ gasping ] i got it. i got it.-where's your underwear at, man? your jimmy's out. god! [ whistle blows ] -[ chuckles ]dodgeball. let's play dodgeball. but that's a basketball.-i know it's a basketball.

-everybody, laps. i love laps!-let's go, jimmy. -i'm not tired. -jimmy's walking.-it's power-walking. mall walking.it's easier on your knees. -run! no! no!jimmy's leaving! jimmy! that was great, right?i brought you a water, man.

-thank you, dude.-god, class is so crazy. -jimmy, we know youtried very, very hard, and we're very proud of you. but, kevin,you are the better student. -yes!-oh, my gosh. this is unbelievable. -oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ]-♪ tonight ♪ ♪ we are young ♪

♪ so let's setthe world on fire ♪ ♪ we can burn brighterthan the sun ♪ ♪ tonight ♪

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