el dorado dining room sets

el dorado dining room sets

♪ [ soft, soothing music playing] hello, my name is melissa and thank you for your interest in applying to be a part of the el dorado furniture family! before we get more into the specifics of the job you are applying for, here's what you should know about one of the iconic top fifty furniture retailers of the country, el dorado furniture! founder of el dorado furniture, manuel capã³, fled cuba with two of his sons, on a challenging voyage to the united states, on a sailboat. he always said that he would never forget the name of the boat that let them to freedom. little did they know, that sailboat would be the name of something bigger- el dorado! as the family was finally reunited for this monumental moment, on june 27th, 1967, the first el dorado furniture showroom opened its doors

in the heart of miami and to this day, has expanded its operations with a variety of stores across florida and continues to grow. giving back to the community is one of el dorado furniture's values and it's our way of thanking the communities who have supported us since the very start. el dorado has worked with a variety of organizations throughout the years with the goal of making a difference. el dorado furniture is giving fifty deserving south florida families brand-new furniture! ♪ [ upbeat music playing] coming from cuba, we had nothing, you know. so, when you see somebody that needs help, it touches you. there's something magical that happens when you give back, especially in the community that has made us what we are today. el dorado furniture is family-owned by the cap㳠family, who still work for the company's operations to this day and offers many growth and career opportunities to all of its employees.

el dorado furniture always goes above and beyond for its internal and external customers, as a way to strive for our five-star service, and as our mission reads: "we the people of el dorado, will do everything humanly possible to "wow" all of our customers, always." to break down el dorado furniture and how it works, it is divided into three main parts: our corporate headquarters with departments ranging from accounting, human resources, marketing, purchasing and many more. our showrooms- ranging from sales, merchandise and customer care. and our distribution center- all of the operations and distributions of our very own home furnishings. we hope you have learned a little more about el dorado furniture. now, it's time to look further into your potential future department and role within the company!

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