traditional portuguese home decor

traditional portuguese home decor

so good morning from sao paulo. we had a bit of a late night last night singingkaraoke with friends. but it is our last day in the city so we needto go out and sightseeing. so we're starting off the morning with a traditionalbreakfast. so if you have a look down here we've justordered coffee. coffee with milk. pretty simple. i've also got my pã£o de queijo. and that is a big one!

and that is a massive one. so this is the cheese bread made with themanioc flower. yes, and here comes the other part. this is the bread that has been cooked inbutter, right? it's like the toast. okay, so can you tell us how pã£o na chapais made? so basically the keep it really simple herein brasil which is kind of cool. it's just your bread, cooked on a pan withbutter. it is really simple but it looks really tasty.

yeah. but it is so nice and buttery and like thebread is flaky. it is like a french bread. they must put a lot of butter on there. yeah, that's really nice. but you know what i do wish they had a bitof jam. like this bread with a bit of strawberry jamwould just be magic. you know what i would put cream cheese onmine. cream cheese?

with a dollop of strawberry jam on top. oh. now that is the winning combo. oh, look at that. it is so cheesy inside. this is amazing. because you know what we've been going toa place called case de pã£o de queijo. and over there you get like these tiny littleballs that are just like bite sized. but this is like a proper gigantic.

the is the grand daddy of them all. that is bigger than our hand. yeah, and see if you can get the texture ofthis. just look at that. it is so cheesy. how is that? that is good. perfecto? that is authentic.

it is like really chewy because of all thecheese in there. nice and starchy. it is good stuff. this is what i'm going to miss when we leavetoday. pã£o de queijo. alright, time to try the coffee. wow. it is really sweet isn't it. really really sweet.

there is a pile of sugar added. i like it. i'm loving the coffee. i like it too. i usually have my coffee black but this isa nice jolt of energy in the morning. it tastes more like a dessert coffee. and now this is completely unrelated to breakfastbut you saw cocada. i saw the cocada and this is like our favoritecoconut slash snack slash dessert and it is basically just coconut and whole bunch ofsugar and maybe a little bit of milk.

look at this thing of beauty. it's like a coconut bar. oh man, that is so good. this has nothing to do with breakfast buti'm already eating sweets for breakfast. why not? you just couldn't resist it. it's your last day in sao paulo. you may as well enjoy it. i'm doing whatever i want.

so we just paid the bill and sam is over themoon because that was amazing value. such cheap food. it was 16.25 reals which is like less than$5 dollars. all of that food and i got an extra coffee. i mean we had three coffees, we had the twobasically the two pastries, the two breads and then we had the cocado. so that is amazing. i'm full, i'm ready to go. i'm on a sugar high.

let's get the day started. woo hoo! let's go. hahaha. so it is our very first lunch here in riode janeiro so we thought let's go for the classic grill. we are eating at a churrascaria. and i'm probably making that sound a littlebit more spanish than portuguese but basically it is a grill house and you just eat steaksand meats.

and the waiters are going to be coming aroundto the table with like these giant rotisserie sticks and they just basically slice the meaton to your plate. so pretty cool, we're paying a fixed few. a flat rate and that also gives us accessto a salad bar and we get sides. and free non-alcoholic drinks. so we're going to be eating lots of food todaybasically. sounds good to me. so aside from the salad bar and all of themeat you can get here we are also able to choose a few sides.

so we can try. what are we going to pick? good question. how about fried manioc flour? do you want a bit of that? i'm up for anything. and you like fried bananas? yes. so let's go for some of that.

okay, so first up the salads. yeah, take a look at my plate. and you'll see that i've got a whole bunchof different assorted salads. a lot of them have mango which is really exciting. some of them have cheese. i see some it looks like quinoa, brown rice. so super healthy and i'm trying not to loadup on to much of those because the star of the meal will be arriving soon and that isthe shaved meat. what did you just get served?

so the meat has already arrived and i thinkwe're starting with chicken. so let's take a look at this one. and i can tell already that this has beena sweet glaze or something over top of it. that looks so good. i can smell. it smells a bit like honey. the aromas. if only we had smell-o-vision. sorry guys.

you're missing out here. future technology. super tender meat. and it has been, it kind of has a honey glazecoating over top of it. it seems a little bit marinated. i tried it too. it is so good. and you also got sausage on your plate. little bit of chorizo.

super tasty. wanna go for that? yeah, why not? cut us a piece. a mini chorizo. look at that. nice and pink. mmmmm. he's in heaven.

that's almost as good as the argentinian stuff. ho ho. almost. so i think this is quite clever. at the table they leave these little cardsand basically you can flip it if you're full and you no longer want any meat. you just show the red side and then if youdo want more meat you show the green side. and you just leave it like that and the waitercomes around and he just keeps bringing you different cuts.

so we are nowhere close to tapping out yet. we just started. this has just begun. alright, time to try the meat. the star of the meal. oh, that is good. yeah? it is really tender. nice and tender and also really salty.

you can tell they've added a lot of salt butnot a lot of other seasonings or anything else. it is very simple. very simple. they're keeping it salty, nicely cooked too. it is a little bit pink in the middle. that is cool. that way the flavor of the meat can reallyshine through. exactly.

and let's talk about our sides that have arrived. we have our fried plantain which you are ahuge fan of. and we also the farofa which is the friedmanioc flour. so do you want to try that for the first time? yeah, so you just bite into it? is that how you eat it? well, try not to choke on it. i think you're supposed to mix it in withlike your rice or your beans. on its own it is probably not that spectacular.

yeah, it definitely needs to be added to something. look at that golden plantain. i know, i'm so excited to try this. i really got hooked on these when we werein the peruvian jungle nearby iquitos. and so to have it again here in brazil isa real treat. and actually fried banana or fried plantainis a popular dessert in asia so we ate it quite a bit over there as well. and this is awesome. this is the way i like it.

really ripe and it is almost a bit syrupyon the outside. it is wonderful. hahahaha. they have come around with meat probably fiveor six times. give us a status update. how are you feeling? status update is i'm feeling very satisfiedin terms of the taste and man am i ever getting stuffed. i think i've hit my quota.

it is time to flip over to the red card. is this picanha? si. okay, sam get one. ah, obrigado. so this one is picanha. so let's just dig in to that. oh my gosh, i already said i was full andthe food just keeps coming. it is amazing though.

it is too good not to eat it. that is so juicy inside. wow, look at that. look how red that is. woah! oh, that is the best one yet. yeah, best cut so far? oh yeah. alright guys try the picanha when it comesaround.

and the filet mignon. there it is. because we don't get enough meat. major meat sweats happening right now? i swear by the time i'm done this. this will probably be the last meal of theday. and i'm thinking i made need to fast tomorrow. this is getting to the very advanced stagesof a pig out. so i believe that is a meal you're going toremember for a long time.

yes, wouldn't you say? very long time. yeah, it was like fantastic. the quality of the meat was so good. and the service was so attentive. they kept checking up on us to see if we hadenough meat, to see if we had enough of our mains and also the salad bar was really cool. there is a lot of really inventive saladsso this overall was like just an absolute fantastic meal.

and let's talk about the price now. and the price was also really reasonable. so it came to 79 reals. so you're looking at just roughly over 20us dollars. i think 22 us dollars for that meal and thatincluded all of the meat, all of the salad and drinks as well. so really good meal. i mean that was the equivalent, i probablyate the equivalent of four meals just here now.

so it is time for a rest. i'm just beyond stuffed. and here is a tip. have a small breakfast. if you're planning to come here. or even skip it. so we just arrived in sao paulo's municipalmarket. it is lunchtime. we were starving and we saw that they havethese amazing mortadella sandwiches.

have a look at this. this is a monster. as i was approaching the table sam was like'wow'. you know what, i haven't seen a sandwich thatbig since we've had it from katz's in new york city. do you remember the pastrami sandwiches wehad there? amazing! and this place is called hocca bar. i think i'm pronouncing that right in portuguese.

hocca. hocha? so yeah, there is a huge line here, the placeis packed and we've ordered the sandwich that is called bellissimo. if you have a look here it is thick amountsof mortadella, some melted cheddar cheese and also sun-dried tomatoes in there. and like a fluffy white bun. like french bread. ah, you know what.

let's dig in. that's going to be hard to bite in to. alright, time to tackle this. okay, so let's try to dip it into this spicypepper sauce. like this is so gooey and greasy. oh, look at the cheese! look at the cheese. wow! crazy.

so good. so, good. also their sauce is quite spicy. a lot spicier than i was expecting. so i'm like burning in my throat. your tongue is on fire. it is just so juicy, i know i keep sayingthis but look at that. it's like oozing juice and grease and it isjust the bread is sopping it all up. my gosh.

one more bite and then i'll share. are you ready for this? i'm ready. so i'm going to try a little bit of the saucetoo. oh, big bite. big bite. i got more sauce on the side of my mouth thani did inside of my mouth. but how is the sandwich? but you're right.

delicious. like just such massive amounts of meat. like i said the only other place that i'vehad this much meat has been in katz's in new york and schwartz's in montreal. so now we've found a third place in the worldthat serves meat like this. incredible. here in sao paulo. have another bite. and you are right.

that sauce is ridiculously spicy. i'm going one without the sauce this time. oh man. that is so good. i don't know if you can see this but likethere is juice dripping down from this meat. yes, there is. look at this. there. that's awesome.

that's one heck of a sandwich. well, as usual we took care of that. that was a greasy feast for the ages. i am feeling stuffed. one sandwich is totally enough for two people. yeah, if you can fish the whole sandwich you'reeither ridiculously hungry or you're a bit of a pig to be honest. alright, and price wise this was just undernine dollars. yeah, nine dollars.

so i'd say pretty good value. about 30 something reals. so yeah, really good value and bring a friend. bring a friend. that is the number one tip. so it has been pouring rain in rio de janeiroever since we got here and we haven't been able to do a whole lot of sightseeing outin the city. today we have come to confeitaria colomboand this place is considered one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the whole world.

and if you just take a look around me it iskind of like a french belapox style with art nouveau. they have these huge mirrors that came allof the way from belgium and it just feels like you've traveled back in time here. also, they've had a lot of really distinguishedguests. like kings, queens, presidents. so i feel pretty special sitting here. queen elizabeth has come here and apparentlyalmost all of the brazilian presidents have frequented at some point in time.

a popular spot. indeed. so what? mint. you chose mint? i chose mint. i'm all about the green tea. that is perfect because we're having so muchchocolate the mint will go very well with that.

need to digest it. just melt it. so this video is going to be all about a popularbrazilian dessert known as brigadeiro. and this is the classic form right here. so i was asking our waiter about it and hebasically said it is milk and chocolate kind of like cooked over a very very low heat andthen you let it cool down and harden. and then you basically scoop it up with aspoon, make it into little balls and then

you roll it in chocolate sprinkles. you can see over here. so that looks super decadent to me. so friends this is for chocolate lovers. oh, yes. so i'm going to dig right in. it is almost like a thick fudge. like i don't know if you can see the detailhere. how i pulled it out but it is so so thick.

man. decadent? oh my gosh. it's almost like peanut butter, like thatsame texture, but it is all chocolate. i can see why they give you very small amountsof it. because it just like you really need to chewit slowly and savor it. is it really sweet too? so it is now sam's turn to have his firstbite of brigadeiro. yes, and i am so excited to try this.

like i've hardly had any kind of brazilianfood in my life before, so everything that we're eating is new in these food videos iscompletely new. and yeah, like i mean it is even heavy inthe fork. yeah, it is so thick. i know. what do you think? you're right it is thick like peanut butter. it is almost thick in the same sense almosta little bit like fudge too. and it is extremely decadent.

it is so rich and chocolate-y and creamy. like it is amazing. like we're going to have so much fun eatingall three of these different things. so aside from the chocolate one we also ordereda brigadeiro made out of coffee. so this looks a little bit different. yeah, so i've already cut it up here and ithas a totally different consistency. the chocolate one is a bit more like kindof like peanut butter like a spread. yeah, it is smoother. yeah but this one hear is crumbly.

ooh. let's have a taste of that. the coffee flavor doesn't hit you until you'vebeen chewing it for a few bites. it is like so potent. so flavorful. yeah and i also noticed that it has shreddedcoconut on the exterior. yeah, it does. that looks pretty good. like the other one it is really dense andreally filling.

like these balls look small but i'm sure thatif you finish a whole one you're going to be pretty stuffed afterwards. so do you have a preference - chocolate orcoffee - which is better? no, i don't have a preference. i like them equally. what i want to do is alternate between thetwo of them. one bite of each. that is the plan. so aside from ordering brigadeiro we alsogot brigadeiro cake.

so if you take a look here this is kind oflike a chocolate cake with three layers. that is three layers of cake right there. and we've got the brigadeiro cream kind ofspread in between. and the chocolate sprinkles on the side. can't forget the sprinkles. mmmmmm. that is like a very fluffy yet moist chocolatecake. and the brigadeiro spread is also a lot creamier. it is not so thick.

so yeah, that is a really nice combination. so like pretty much best chocolate cake ever? you can't go wrong with this. look at that thing of beauty. seriously. so i would say we're leaving this place beyondsatisfied. we couldn't even finish the chocolate cake. defeated by the chocolate cake. hahahaha.

so let's talk about price point for this meal. it was actually pretty good, right? good value. it came to 46 reals which is about roughly13 us dollars. so yeah, that was decent. we got three desserts. three different desserts and we also got teaas well. tea for two. so not bad at all.

so definitely recommend coming here. i mean you're going to come here for the decorand the awesome environment but you're going to leave really satisfied by the taste ofthe desserts as well too. so our time in rio de janeiro is winding down. like today is literally our last night inthe city. but there is still one more food we wantedto try and that is pao de qeijo. voila! so of course we had to go to casa do pã£ode queijo. and that means the house of the cheese bread.

and over there they've specialize in theselittle bread cheese balls and they are amazing. i used to eat these as a kid when i used tovisit family and they are so so good. this is like my favorite brazilian snack. i know, they are super tasty and you can findthem almost everywhere. i mean this is embarrassing to admit but we'veeven had them at mcdonald's here. mcdonald's for breakfast. you can get coffee and pã£o de queijo. so let's just dig right in. i'm going to grab one of these.

so i have to admit these are best when theyare like fresh out of the oven. and we've had these in our apartment for afew hours now. so they're not warm anymore but they are stilla little bit gooey inside. i mean it is getting kind of dark here soi don't know if you can see that but it is like really cheesy and ooey and gooey andjust oh so good. mmmmhhhmmm. so the key ingredient for these pã£o de queijois the casava flour. that is what makes it sticky inside. and then of course the cheese too.

mmmm. aren't they so good? i could just eat like them by the 10's. and you know what? if you want to make these back at home youcan actually pick up a bag at the supermarket of the powder and you mix it yourself. we have to do that. definitely. so sam is washing the pã£o de queijo downwith guarana.

and what is guarana? it is like the most popular soft drink herein brazil. it kind of tastes a little bit like gingerale. not as much bite as ginger ale but it is alittle bit sweeter. that is the best way i can describe it. and apparently it comes from the maple familyso i think that is the reason we enjoy it so much being canadian. there you go. alright and we've got a massive one over here.

so aside from specializing in cheese breadyou can also get sweet ones. and this one is filled with doce de leite. i know i'm butchering it every time. my portuguese is awful. but this is like the dulce de leche filling. and if you can have a look at the bottom ofthe bread there is a little hole and that is where they've filled it with that ooeygooey caramel. so what do you think, should i bite into it? yeah but don't take too much because you knowwhat i want a lot of that too.

that is my biggest concern here is that i'mnot going to be left with much. can you see the filling. squeeze it some more. squeeze it around a bit. oh, wow. it is just seeping out from the side. so how is it? it is really good. obviously it doesn't taste like cheese butit is still made with the casava flour so

it has still kind of got that like chewy starchyconsistency. so this is your dessert after you have thecheese ones right? oh, don't you dare have anymore without me. half and half. urgh. this is so good. here you go before it is gone. and this is kind of a random item totallyunrelated to bread but sam saw it at the store. i saw it while we were checking out payingfor the bill.

and you know what i've never had a bananada. i'm guessing it is some kind of a banana candy. oh wow. that is really thick. it is coated in something. wait. i've had this before. have you. oh, super sweet.

it is like condensed banana. yeah, it is like it reminds me kind of likea burnt banana with sugar. and like turned into a candy. it is delicious. it kind of reminds me of the plantain we werehaving up north in the jungle. except this is even more like candy than that. tasty. good. so bye bye cheese bread.

it is all gone. all gone. so these exact ones here cost 12 reals andi think the dessert one with doce de leite and bananada brought it up to 20 reals. so you're talking about that is probably likesix or seven us dollars at most. so not bad. for some of the best bread you'll ever try. yes and we're both quite full after that soyou can turn it into a snack slash meal. and you know what you've got some little crumbson your mouth.

so today's lunch video is going to be allabout black beans. we are at a place that specializes in feijoada. and that is kind of like a black bean stew. so everything we're going to be trying herefrom the appetizers to the mains is going to have black beans in some component. and this is something that you really finda lot in brazilian cuisine so looking forward to sampling that. so for the appetizer here we have a feijoadasoup. so basically a black bean soup that you drinkout of a cup.

never tried this before. it is kind of an exciting moment. beans! beans are exciting. yeah, is it a warm soup or a cold soup? how is it served? it is warm. it is not like pipping hot but it is warm. it is really thick.

and it is very salty and flavorful. i quite like it to be honest. is it just beans or does it have any chunksof meat? um, no i think it is just beans. just beans. we're drinking beans guys. so the food is here and we have a nice selection. just have a look. lots of different pots and things happening.

so i'm just going to serve myself. wow, that is a lot of food. yeah, so we're going to start with a baseof white rice that i just spilled all over the table. but white rice is one of those things thatis never missing at the table when you're in a brazilian home. and on top of that i'm going to put my feijã£owhich is the black beans. black beans on its own. oh, that looks good.

and in the next one here you have the feijoadawhich is the black beans and the meat. so this is like a bean and meat stew. it has different cuts and it is a mix of porkand beef. so i'll grab some sausage. let's start with that. that looks good. oh, there is more over here. so i'm going to grab some manioc. i think that is the english name for it.

some greens. and then over here we have - what is thisone? oh, okay so the powder is farofa which iskind of like a manioc flower. so you want to be careful with this becauseit is really easy to choke on it. you know what i think that is the one i triedon its own and i didn't enjoy it that much. but i think it is going to be pretty goodwith beans. it is very dry. um, yeah and this apparently is fried porkskin. i think that is what i understood, so.

it looks like a puffed cracker. it does. i've never tried fried pork skin. i'm not sure i'm going to like it but let'sget started shall we. so you're getting a little bit of everythingthere. a little bit of everything. i almost feel like i should be eating thiswith a spoon. i feel like it is going to be messy. that is quite good.

i like that. like the ingredients themselves are very simple. i mean rice and beans are super easy to makeand super cheap. so yeah, and i kind of like it with the ferofaon top because it gives it kind of like a nutty flavor and it adds a bit of textureto it. so yeah, pleasantly surprised. it has been a while since i ate this so i'menjoying it. familiar flavor. so it is now sam's turn.

time to dig in. yeah, time to try it for the first time. so i've got the meat here, i've got the beansand i'm going to make sure i get a bit of the rice too. time to try that feijoada. that was a big piece of meat. it's good. it is very salty and it does have a lot offlavors considering that it is just a bean dish.

i mean it is really high quality beans. a lot better than most of the types of beansi would eat back home in canada for example. more flavorful. but yeah, it is simple food and it is tasty. i can see why it is popular here. we should also mention that we kind of triedto play it safe with the meat in our feijoada because on the menu we saw they had like pigears and pig feet and intestines and just we could have gone all out but we played itsafe today. yeah, we were like um.

we have a flight tomorrow. maybe just beef and sausage will do. so that looks like a nice cut of beef there. let's try that. that is really good. that kind of tastes like a roast beef. i like that a lot. okay, so now it is time for the fried porkskin. going in for the fried pork skin.

and it looks really crunchy. i mean i got it all over my fingers. so if no one had told you this was pork skinwhat would you think it is? i've had something similar to this that wasa prawn cracker. okay. you know what it is quite tasty. it's very salty it is almost like a eatinga potato chip. yeah, it is good. let's get a closer look at it.

let's see the texture. it is kind of hard to see. there we go. not bad. what do you got over there? okay, so now i'm trying something that iscalled manioc. and it kind of looks like a golden potatobut the texture is more like a root. like it is more quite fibrous. is it kind of like yucca?

similar to yucca. it is like really starchy. is that good? it is nice. it goes nice with the beans. with the bean sauce. the feijao. okay so this right here is brazil's nationaldish. so what can you tell us sam?

yes but it did originate from portugal. and what is really cool is you can find variationsof this dish in former portuguese colonies such as macau and goa, india. mozambique. so travel around and try out the variations. yeah, it feijoada around the world. dessert has arrived. dessert is here. well, sam is going to love this.

so this one is doce de leite and i'm probablybutchering the name but that is portuguese for dulce de leche. it is so nice to just eat it on its own. like it is great on ice cream and bananasand cakes but even on its own. like just on the spoon works perfectly. and what are the other two? so this one, the dark one is made out of banana. so let's try that. i've never had this one before.

yeah, it is kind of like caramelized bananas. it almost tastes a bit like a jam. i think i'm going to like that one a lot. and this one, last but not least, this onei asked but he said the name in portuguese really quickly and i couldn't understand it. it's a mystery. number three. if i had to guess, maybe pumpkin. i was going to say sweet potato.

it could be one of the two. one of the two. why don't you try and tell me. so time to try the mystery dessert. the mystery. what could it be? pumpkin or sweet potato? that is the question. the million dollar question.

you know what, i think i don't know if itis pumpkin or sweet potato but it definitely has cinnamon. it definitely has cinnamon. that is what i've been able to ascertain. detective skills. foodie detective. okay, so the meal has come to its conclusion. we have finished everything in front of usjust about. that was a lot of food.

it was. the dessert was like the knockout blow. it was the uppercut. ready for siesta? yeah, basically. so what did you think of your first feijoada? yeah, i actually really liked it. it is simple food. simple ingredients but it is quite tasty.

and it is filling too. i did like it. i would eat it again. i think it is also worth mentioning this isa dish that you can find everywhere from like budget eateries to like top notch restaurants. so if you want to try it you don't necessarilyhave to pay a lot for it. you can find this anywhere in brazil. i mean, it is the national dish right? yes, that is right.

so try it anywhere and for whatever budgetyou have.

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