dining room light height

dining room light height

hey everyone! today i'm going tocelebrate my most favorite lighting designers and their iconic designs!lighting is such an important element to any interior and sometimes the lightfixture you choose can be the most exciting thing in the room. that's sortof how i feel about these lights in particular. so here we go...oh yes and there are so many it's kind of difficult but here are five of myfavorite lighting design icons. the tolomeo table lamp was designed in 1986for artemide and it quickly became a favorite among designers because of itssleek modern look and technical design. steel cables keep the adjustable arm atnearly impossible angles and the

aluminum finish is elegant andunderstated. a perfect task light for your desk. it also comes in a variety ofversions. one of my favorites... the tiny spot light on the wall. similar to thetable lamp arm but in a wall-mounted format. so great because you can adjustit to where you need the light the most. and finally the super large size tolomeofor an amazing dining room setting. isamu noguchi was a japanese-americanartist known for his sculptural works of art and for creating some iconicfurniture pieces and lighting. the entire collection of akari lights are so muchfun. the best way to describe them is in noguchi's own words - "the light of akari islike the light of the sun filtered

through the paper of shoji. the harshnessof electricity is thus transform through the magic of paper back to the light ofour origin - the sun - so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night." playful and sculptural, they're perfect foralmost any interior. number three on my list is anothertechnically brilliant design. the parentesi lamp provides direct and adjustablelight along its vertical steel tube and cables that are attached from theceiling to the floor. its bare-bones is what i love about it. place it in acorner and slide the light to where you need it most. as a reading light next toa bed. in the living room to highlight

artwork on the wall. it's just cool andunfussy. in his heart serge mouille was a silversmithbut his lighting designs, which he originally handcrafted himself, becameicons because of their highly functional articulating arms and black paintedfinish. his designs come in a variety of types from wall sconces to ceilinglights to floor lamps and all of them have a variety of arms. they're strikingin any interior and in many cases they look like sculptural art and not justlighting. the to 2-6-5 light, or the 265 light, is a wall sconce that defiesgravity. the long arm of the light is over six feet long but has a cleverdiscreet counterweight at the end to

help with balance while pivoting on thewall bracket. over a desk... in a living room... or to highlight a reading nook. theonly difficult decision is to get it in black or white. so here's your take away:lighting is such an important element to any interior and sometimes the light youchoose can be the most exciting thing in the room. even if you can't afford to getthese iconic lighting designs, look for lights that stand out and make astatement! thanks for watching this little design tip. i'll have lots moredesign tips just like this one coming soon so don't forget to subscribe! i'vegot new videos every week. and leave a comment! i love hearing from all of youand if you like this video please hit

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