dining room light fixtures

dining room light fixtures

when you enter one of farrey's showrooms, you will find yourself among hundreds of amazing chandeliers, lamps and pendants of different sizes andcolors and styles. one of the many lighting brands you will find here is fine art lamps since 1940, fine art lamps has been producing state-of-the-art lighting of all kinds: chandeliers, pendants ceiling mounts, sconces and lamps but how do these pieces become a reality?how are they made?

farrey's went to investigate. we didn't have to go far. fine art lampsmanufactures their products in-house inside their massive factories in miami, florida. from shaping the frames to the finishingtouches it all happens here. the first step is the design a team of skilled designers and artistsdecide on how their new pieces should look like and every year about four new designs arereleased once the design is read,y it's time towork on the base of the product craftsmen cut, shape

and polish the metal and then assembleevery piece with care. each item is then thoroughly inspectedand measured now it's time to paint. many of fine art lamps pieces are madewith glass and guess what? they produce it here too! now that every piece is put together it's time to add the details and theelectrical. and there's the masterpiece time to pack and go

and these beautiful pieces of art will besent to places like farrey's where you can find the perfect one to embellish your home.

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