dining room ideas 2018

dining room ideas 2018

hi guys welcome back to my channel ifyou're new here my name is katie and i love making lifestyle and home decorvideos here on youtube and if you recently join things a lot for joiningand welcome once again and today's video i'm gonna be sharing with you somechristmas ideas to decorate around in your dining room specially your serveror you or your buffet area so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this video so guysthe first ideas i'm going to show you it's using this garland and we're gonnause this garland to decorate four different styles using one garland that saving money right so here i'm using the garland that i gotfrom michaels i think it was like about

40% off first i'm not mistaken so itcame out to like 10 dollars or something like thati added of course my mercury glass candle holder some candles andthis really pretty glittery garland that i picked up at a local discount here innew york and to give the final look i decided to add this really prettyflowers that i picked up at the same local store here in new york and youguys i love how this turned out you know i'm all about that glitter and glitz andglam and i really like this and i think it looks classic at the same time let meknow what you think down in the comments hey guys remember that you couldrecreate this look using your colors

whatever color you're going for theholidays if you're going traditional if you're going more glam or modern youcould really incorporate your colors in this and if you do please tag me oninstagram i want to see what you create this holiday season but this time i lefteverything the same the garland and everything and i just added this reallypretty reindeer which it's a lot of glam you know and that christmas treeand they're both from burlington i got them last year and i really love it ihope this year they bring the one that's sitting down in the same size so i couldget it but i haven't seen it yeah so i'm moving on to the next one i left thegarland there and all i'm doing it's

adding this really nice crystal garlandfrom michael as well and adding my nutcrackers in there and a really prettychristmas tree and this is so festive i don't know what do you guysthink and of course it's really nice wreath and now this style you guys it's justsuper simple super easy and you don't have to put a lot of work all i did wasput this pretty flowers in it added that joy sign and it still looks festive butat the same time it didn't really take you long to create something like thisbut if you have guests it would still be like wow you know what imean you didn't put a lot of work but it

still looks beautifulso here's style number five you guys i love how this turned out this isscreaming katie by the way i love the white i love the crystal then you knowanother crystal but that acrylic and it just makes it look like it's not therebut it's there you know what i mean it gives this really nice elegantvibes i don't know i got this really cute gift boxes from home goods i think onewas $4.99 and the other one's $5.99 and i just decorated with that ribbon and iadded my crystal not crystal acrylic reindeer my acrylic christmas tree and ilove how this turned out my little feather wreath and my little stockingswith the our initials i am in love you

guys and my theme this year it's gonnabe crystal glam i'm calling a crystal glam that's my own theme you know what imean but it's gonna be a lot of silver a lot of white so stay tuned for my hometour so if you watch my entryway decor ideas and you probably seen this styledand i decided to display the christmas tree here i'm not displaying all of themhere but some of them and i really like how it looks in this server you guys soif you have a similar server like this i definitely suggest you try this idea ialmost asked with it and it looks really pretty i hope this video inspired you inany way and if it did and you recreate any of my looks please don't forget totag me on instagram i want to share your

work that was it for this video thanks alot for watching and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't don't forget tohit the bell so you could get notified every time i have a new video god blessyou guys i see you on the next one

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