dining room for sale

dining room for sale

hi my name is frank clarke with oliver andassociates realty in london ontario on behalf of expertvillage.com. i want to discuss withyou a few things about your living room and dining room. in this situation we have a openconcept living room and dining room now this is a model home and you have to recognizethat there is not a lot of thing here but if this was your home you may have a tablewith a leaf it that makes it impossible to walk around. take that leaf out. you may wantto set your table put place mats on the table, put nice cloth napkins, and some wine glassesjust stage the table beautifully like you are going to sit down to a nice meal thatwould make a great impression. now i want to point out the china cabinet here. we havea empty china cabinet that is because it is

a model home of course but that is not a badplace for you to start. empty out your curio cabinets empty out your china cabinets packup everything that is incredibly valuable and dust everything and make it clean. putonly the bare minimum dishes back in so presentation is perfect. again i will mention you are movingso pack things up so that your house presents itself the best it could possibly would be.

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