blue and brown color scheme for bedroom

blue and brown color scheme for bedroom

what's up guys my name is brock you'rewatching the modest man and today we're talking about the differences betweenbrown boots and black boots. ok so you've decided to buy a new pair of boots maybeit's your first pair or maybe you're just expanding your shoe collection.first of all congratulations i think you're making an excellent decision andi want to help you make the best purchase for you. of course the firstthing is you need to pick the right type of boots and there are so many types ofboots from chelsea to chukkas and i actually made a video about the topthree best types of boots. the most versatile boots for men. so definitely gocheck that out but once you pick which

type of boots you want you have to picka color and there are many different colors in both leather and suede but ithink the two most common colors by far are brown and black. now both colors areexcellent choices they're both very versatile there's no wrong choice. youreally can't go wrong with brown leather boots or black leather bootsin fact a lot of guys probably have both in their collection. but if you don'twant to choose one which is the best choice for in my opinion there's no universal best choice that really depends on yourpersonal preferences and your situation but i do have some suggestions and someadvice based on where you are in your

personal style journey. so think aboutyour current wardrobe is it complete? you know do you feel pretty good about it? does it really represent your personal style and you feel like you can puttogether an outfit with relative ease or are you a total beginner? you know or areyou still working on it? you're still trying to find your personal style. so ifyou already have a pretty solid wardrobe which you are pretty happy with, look at thecolor palette. if your closet is full of blues and greens and earth tones likecream and brown and tan then brown boots are probably going to be the best choicefor you because they're gonna work well with the clothes that you already on the other hand, if your wardrobe

is full of black, white, navy, grey thenblack boots are probably going to be a better choice for you because they'regoing to be more versatile. of course if you're a total beginner you know youfeel like your wardrobe is not complete or maybe it doesn'treally represent your personal style or maybe you don't even know what yourpersonal style is yet that's okay there's still some ways that you canfigure out if you should buy brown boots or black boots. so what you want to dois you want to think about your eventual style aesthetic. your eventual stylepreferences. think about like two, three years from now what kind of guy are yougonna be, what kind of clothes are you

gonna want to wear and what do yougravitate toward right now. for example if you identify with the ruggedamericana kind of blue-collar, work wear aesthetic i'm talking about likesalvaged denim, brown leather accessories, you know navy or brown chinos, olive chinos, plaid flannel shirts, you know, leather belts, chunky sweater stuff like thatthen brown boots are probably gonna be a better choice for you right now becausethey're gonna play into that aesthetic that you already kind of like. now in thesame way if you identify with the really preppy aesthetic like oxford cottonbutton-down shirts and woven belts and pastels and boat shoes and chinos shortsthen brown boots are probably gonna be

the best color for you because they workwell with that preppy aesthetic. now on the other hand, you know if you'rebrowsing your instagram feed and you realize that all the people that youfollow are into really minimal street wear kind of rakish looks then you mightwant to go with black boots instead. i'm talking about like slim black jeans,plain white t-shirts, minimal accessories, you know, monochromatic color schemesyou're probably gonna be better off buying black boots. it's not that youcan't wear brown boots with black jeans. you can. you can mix brown and black butyou're probably not gonna get as much used in versatility out of brown bootsif you really like the kind of street

wear, minimal, edgy, you know, monochromaticlook. personally i've always preferred brown boots because my wardrobe ismostly been a mix between like rugged and preppy and brown boot just kind ofgo with the clothes that i already have but lately i have been finding myselfkind of gravitating and thinking more about like the minimal monochromaticeven street wear kind of look so i'm actually pretty excited to add theseblack chelsea boots from thursday boot company to my shoe collection and it'sgonna be really fun and interesting to you know see how i can incorporate thesemy existing wardrobe and maybe even tweak my wardrobe a little bit, you know,to, to better suit this kind of look.

at the end of the day you know it's justclothes so don't be afraid to experiment with both colors and don't be afraid toevolve and that's the thing you know the truth is your preferences will probablychange, you know, as you get older and your situation and life changes you maybe change jobs or you move to a new city or you have a family and you become aparent - whatever. it's okay to to let your style evolved with you to betterrepresent your current life situation and personality. you know that's whatmakes this fun is that you get to change because if you just wear the same thingevery day for your whole life it's gonna get pretty boring. alright guys i hopethis video helps you choose between a

black boots and brown boots especiallyif you're buying your first pair. if you have any questions of course feel freeto ask down in the comments. thanks again to thursday boot company for continuingto support my work here at the modest man and until next time. stay stylish!

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