traditional home decor catalog

traditional home decor catalog

hi, and welcome today. i'll [be] doing a tutorial on how [to] take this [$4] find from [goodwill] and transforming it into a nice vanity chair with padding first thing [i] did was [i] purchased the one-inch padding from walmart the foam padding is a [one-inch] 16 by 16 that cost approximately $4 and i took this and stapled it on to the chair the pack came with a total of four pieces, [so] [i've] utilized two on the seat cushion here i am adding on the second piece of thumb that came out of that four pack onto the side of the chair no i am utilizing a chair seat from my old sofa the chair seat came with

[batting] already attached so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take my staple gun staple bag to the bottom of the chair around the edges make sure that you pull each edge very tightly to ensure that you have no lumps in your [chair] feeding the next foam that i'll be using on this chair is the backing. it is a green foam [i] got it from goodwill it cost me about [$2] it's a 2 inch by 22 by 22 and he'll be utilized for the back of the chair. now i will be working with the seat of the chair [i'm] going to take my fabric fold it give it a nice crisp fold on the edge and then i'm a stapled that to the rim of the chair

make sure that you don't have any creasing in your seat. [ensure] that you are pulling the fabric family as you secure the fabric to the rim of the chair now you would take the fabric and place it across this chair and ensuring [that] you leave enough clearance at the back so you can tuck it and staple it around the legs of the chair now i'm taking the fabric tuck in and around the chair making sure that each side is now we will be utilizing the green foam to pad the back of the chair just a light padding for the backs of chair and what you want to do is secure it in these two places so you can make sure that the green foam doesn't go anywhere

next we will be utilizing [these] walmart foam that is one hand 16 by 16 you just going to cut a strip of that and we're going to place the remove back of the chair between and also different you we are utilizing another piece of the walmart foam to place on the rear of the chair to ensure [that] it gives it a nice padding on the back of the chair here, i'm just finishing up the bottom seat of the chair and going ahead and folding off those corners on the bottom seat of the chair

here is an overview of the chair. it's not completed yet now we're going to take the fabric and place it onto the back of the chair now this part of the chair is [just] a hurry up and get it done because i want to see how it looks later on i will be utilizing some tack strips to make this nice and neat, but in the meantime. this is a quick fixer-upper now what i'm using is a nail tac that i got from joann's fabric. it's just a quick step to place on top of the staples, so you will not see those staples now let's secure the fabric onto the back of [the] chair between the feet and we wear this here with a couple staples get wet this is my reupholstered chair that i got from goodwill that i paid exactly four dollars for it's reupholstered and it's perfect for my vanity set up

thank you for [watching] and enjoy

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