cheap dining room sets under 200

cheap dining room sets under 200

hi, i'm william and in today's experiment we're going to figure out how many chairs is too many chairs is one chair too many chairs? what about a regular conference room full of chairs? this seems normal

but it doesn't feel like too many. what about a conference room full of chairs? what about the back of the conference room almost to the ceiling with chairs? is that too many chairs? *pants heavily* how about

how about this it's just is this too many chairs? *keeps breathing heavily* oh god is this too many chairs? this is too many chairs ow i think we may have found

it's too many chairs i'm william osman and we'll see you next time good night i need a water *loudly* i need to get it right i need to get out oh boy *grunts*

*tired* okay let's leave i don't wanna clean this up will: we- michael: welcome to-shut the f*** up will both: we have an announcement to make will: michael and i are getting gay married *giggling* nah that's not the announcement michael and i are doing a live show extravaganza

yeah, it's gonna happen at on the screen because we don't plan anything. we haven't even planned the live we should've- do you like robots do you like science you like chaos, do you like one jackass and one slightly uglier? jackass?

we'll see you then oh this is one of those awkward william osman a- outros where you like you don't end it and then williams says something a little quirky and then john shoots the camera up, right? yep, shoot it up. john. yeah

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