cheap dining room chairs set of 4

cheap dining room chairs set of 4

hi this is darren from alo upholsteryand interiors today i'm gonna show you how to upholster this chair using a st-3 lift table this will be the type of staple i'll be using now i'm just usinga scrap piece of material as lining now i'm just kind of straight to the woodand the letter v now i'm gluing half-inch firm foam inthe middle so it gives it a little puff to itnow i'm using two and a half inch firm foam this is the type of spray gun thati'm using but there are other ones out there that are a little different andthis is the type of glue that i'm using as well

now i'm using a thin layer of fiber soit gives it a nice soft feel to it now i'm using a black vinyl material likethis so i like to lock a few staples in front and then work on the backside so this part is one of the hardest cutsyou want to make sure you allow enough fabric to wrap around the phone so youdon't see it i'm allowing about half inch to tuck into the phone so you wantto do this to both sides first and then flip the fabric over now that i'm donecutting both sides i'm gonna be cutting the letter v you want to make sure it'sin between the wood now i like to lock a few staples on theside and then i'll work out the back

again so with vinyl i find it very tricky toclean the wrinkles so you want to make sure you lock a few staples everywhereand then try to clean it out so to make a nice folder pleat i went up staplingas much as possible where the frame is now i'm just marking where the center ofthe frame would be so the best way to put the outside back would be to pull upand down only not side-to-side you so i'll be using quarter inch foam forthe back so i'm marking the center of the cardboard so i line it up with thecenter of the frame so for the back i

marked how many buttons i want to put onand that was seven so i drilled the holes like this just to fit the buttonswith the prongs through so you want to make sure the center of this wood willmatch the center of the frame as well or else the bun will be crooked so now i'mcutting the foam on an angle like this so it's easier to work with so the cutted part will be facing thewood so you want to make sure all the edges are properly sprayed and glueddown so now i'm just spreading a very thinlayer of glue on the vinyl and foam together so it doesn't shift when i putthe buttons on so i'll be using a half

inch die like this and a prong i'll be putting the fabric on the runwaylike this and then the shell so the button maker that i'm using is calledwade this is how it looks like when you compress it together now i'm using a 12meter needle like this now to find the hole from the front i'm gonna pull itfrom the backside so once you find the hole from the front you want to use yourprong and push it through so now that you're not putting the woodon you want to make sure the center of the wood is marked with the center ofthe frame so now i'm stapling the wood with the frame so it doesn't move around

so with the curve back like this it'sbest to lock a lot of staples where you need to first and then start doing yourstapling to do the wealth we caught abouttwo-inch thick and then we're going to wrap it with other two cords together so once you're done you want to cut theother extra fabric off like this so we could glue it easily now i'm using a hotglue gun like this so to start it and end it you'll want to cut the cord off alittle bit in the inner side so here's how the finished piece lookslike so thank you for watching if you likedthe video please give us a big thumbs up

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