chalk paint dining room table

chalk paint dining room table

annie sloan chalk paint dry brushing technique hello! now i'm sitting here with a small bureau or a small cabinet in fact the first thing i will do with this cabinet i have not grinded it down or anything, i have not done anything with it yes, it looks like it does

simply step 1 is to cover this piece with annie sloan's chalk paint the color i have chosen is called provence so, look at this color! oh! well, just honk and drive! there.

now this cupboard is completely dry and covered, and now i'm thinking that i'll scrape up some frictions on this ... then, i have actually picked up annie sloan chalk paint, old white i think i'll dry brush over to get a little brighter impression without as for the sake of changing the color very much i'll show a little how one dry brush

there! now then! for this step, so i shake this - old white ...properly... so i dip my brush here now dry brushing is as it sounds - it's dry brush you should have a dry brush when painting easiest way: a little paint on the brush and so you work it so that you get

a dry brush then... so simply pull very easily everywhere little drier and so you work with the dry brush, then, as i said back and forth in that way, you don't really that solid, very prominent paint on top

i can very easily get a brighter impression on this plus, you can easily highlight some details also such as this moldings' so i just draw on the edges like this ... and highlight these ... here you see the difference between

dry brush and not dry brush the right side is dry brushed with white and left is not dry brushing takes no time at all to dry it really dries in no time because the brush in principle already dry so now i intend to add a little clear wax on this transparent wax

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