casual dining room

casual dining room

my name is brent shelly with expert villageand we are talking about lighting design today. some of the obvious layers that you wouldhave in the dining room would be the decorative layer. a lot of times i like the center ofchandelier over the dining room table. it helps to anchor the table and to help centerthe room around the central focal point. if you have a buffet table or some kind of wallconsole, you may want to flank that with a couple of wall sconces to help add to thatdecorative element of the space. the second layer would be the accent layer. typicallythere is some wall art or some sculpture element or some architectural elements such as columnsor pilasters or some kind of wall that you want to graze in the space. think of thatin terms of a separate layer from your decorative

layer. a lot of times there are architecturalfeatures such as a ceiling code in this type of room. again, that helps to anchor thatspace. so if there is a ceiling cove, try to integrate some linear lighting into thatcove. that creates a nice soft glow above you which helps make the space feel helps make you feel like you are outdoors sometimes.

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