bronze dining room chandelier

bronze dining room chandelier

light fixtures are often the focal point inany room design. when the light fixtures are switched out it can dramatically change theatmosphere of the room. so today we're going to show you how to replace a pendant and howto replace a ceiling light with a pendant. here's some things you're going to need toget the job done. wire cutters. a screw driver. wire nuts. and masking tape. first alwaysmake sure to turn the power off on the circuit breaker. seriously, can't stress this enough.use tape to mark the switch you're using so it's easier to find later. now remove thecanopy of the old light fixture. then remove the old light fixture bracket. next, simplydisconnect the wires and take down the old pendant. then attach the new bracket to thejunction box. feed the pendant wire through

the bracket and adjust the height to yourliking. cut off any excess wire. now connect the wires by matching the colors. ground toground. black to black. white to white. attach the new canopy. and now you're successfullyreplaced a pendant. but what if you want to replace a ceiling light with a pendant? standardceiling lights and pendants often share the same junction box fitting. therefor, if you'rereplacing a ceiling light with a pendant simply follow the same steps. remove the ceilinglight. attach the new bracket. reconnect the wires. then attach the new canopy. now enjoyyour new light fixtures. we hope that we've been helpful today and we welcome you to joinus on our next project. for more helpful videos click the links below and be sure to subscribeto our youtube channel.

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