best lavender paint color for bedroom

best lavender paint color for bedroom

you know, look at these jute and sisal rugs.i can't believe these colors, they're awesome. you watched us design and build this housein 150 days, but the work is far from over. we're about to jump into my favorite partof the process of bringing all this together. join me for an exclusive look right here onehow home. most serious pieces of decorative furniture and that sort of thing are absentof color. yeah, yeah, yeah. and so to achieve the right focus you've got to have some kindof contrast, and that's what this presentation is all about. sure. and then these chairsare the same way. right, these bentwood chairs. yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. and so the way thosecolors blend -- i like the melon coloring. right, if you take this melon color, yeah,or this salmon against the chartreuse, that's

beautiful. or against that soft blue. butwhat you have here, i mean, there are two classics: i mean, sisal natural rugs havebeen around for centuries. and these bentwood chairs, they're classics as well. yeah, andthen as you said, the color adds sort of a light kind of a feel, fun feet to it. yeah,yeah, it's whimsical, playful, right. exactly. right, right. do you find that consumers arebeing drawn more toward color? i think so. i believe that, you know, some people taketheir surroundings very seriously and wanna really formal look. but more often than not,younger people and trend forward people are kinda liking… a little pop. yeah, exactly.that's great. well, you know, we're working on a little girl's room. this would be perfectfor that. well, we painted the wall lavender,

and i'm just kinda think: you know, maybewe need to play around with maybe some of these colorful pieces like a chair or maybeeven a rug on a rug? yeah. yeah. it's gonna be great looking. i think that's gotta work.yeah, very good. hey, if you're loving what you're seeing here, check in with us regularly.not sure what we're gonna do -- we're gonna add a lot of color to the house. subscribeto ehow home. yeah, i like this color a lot. that is really excellent. that is really abeautiful blue.

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