quirky house furniture

quirky house furniture

[keys jingle] [door closes] [lock clicks][chain lock slides] hello, welcome to nerdyandquirkynow you may not have noticed, but my background is significantly more boxy than usual. now these boxes are the star of this episode. they're from a store that sounds a lot like:eye - key - ahhhhh. and that yelling noise is a very good summaryof my emotional state right now. which brings me to my first point. i like to make plans. it's the only way that i can stop having panicattacks and feel any semblance of control

in a universe that is just. entropy, man. en-trippy. so i make plans a lot. those plans sometimes don't work out, like,a twice a week video schedule. and sometimes those plans do work out, like,nothing comes to mind. but i need a plan or else i won't do anything. i'll just go to sleep. so now that i'm moving to the city, becausei'm going to university, i got an apartment.

you'll eventually meet my roommate, it's thischick. and there was this plan. first week of august, we'd go to ikea. we'd choose what we want. second week of august, we'd order, we'd receive,we'd have a house warming party. it would be lit. so the shipment's due to arrive on wednesday. tuesday comes around and i get a call that'sjust like: "hi. sorry, you're shipment's not coming untilthursday"

okay. uh... we - we kinda set the housewarming partyto thursday night but you know what? we could make our friends help us assembleour furniture. it'll be like building legos, but for adults. uh.... bu- then thursday comes around. you know what doesn't come around? the furniture. so i do everything that i can to call, especiallyas someone with the privilege of a social media following.

you should follow me on twitter for some qualitycomplaints to large companies. i called them. i called their support line. 24/7 service! rings for 20 minutes. hangs up on me. calls again because maybe it was just a littlebit of a mistake. rings for 15 minutes. hangs up.

couldn't even stay for the full 20. so i am having a full blown panic attack. i desperately wanted to fix something, butthere was nothing that i could do. so instead, i turned into a little burritoof sadness. you've got you meat, your meaty organs. and the seasoning sauce is depression andanxiety. [nibbling noise]delicious. so then, my guests arrive. my furniture does not arrive.

and so that evening, which was initially gonnabe a lovely housewarming party, became a adult lego session, became a... me and some of myclosest friends, huddled together on the ground watching spy kids on my laptop. it was the furthest thing that i ever expectedfrom happening that night, but it was... fun. granted, because we were on the floor, significantlymore back pain. but like, it was a fun back pain. and i thought that this was gonna be the biggest,more terrible thing in the world. but what did i really lose? a comfortable night's sleep?

and i think that's - that's one of the lesson'sthat i learned. no matter what you plans are, shit's gonnawrong. life is gonna make it its-its-its primopurpose to push you off a building. screw you! screw your plans! but at the same time, no matter what goeswrong, no matter how many things have a problem, with a little bit of time, it seems kind ofinsignificant. because at the end of the day. lesson number 3.

what makes a house a home, what makes it allworthwhile in life isn't the things that go wrong, it isn't even the things that go right. it's those close friends who will huddle onthe floor with you and watch spy kids off of your laptop. cheesy! also, bonus lesson. never order anything for delivery from ikea. it's do it yourself for a reason because theycan't do anything. i-i went to ikea for some furniture, and insteadi got an existential crisis.

now what about you guys, what is somethingthat went wrong in your life recently and how did it turn out? does it have a happy ending? did it get resolved? tell me about it down below. like and share this video, it would mean alot to me if it got 3000 likes. and have a lovely day. let's hope this video doesn't suck!

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