quirky home furniture

quirky home furniture

• from a retired boeing 727 to â¬â¬â¬â¬â¬â¬theinsides of an ikea store, we count ten unusual places people actually lived!10 – in a makeshift cave, • yosue joel rios longed for the days whenman lived off the land and slept in caves. so to get back to his ancestral roots, hedug out a fifteen-foot cave in a fairfax park. but while yosue was travelling back throughtime, the rest of us were still here in the present – where vandalising a public parkis considered a felony. • virginian police charged him with destructionof public property, but they must have been impressed with yosue’s effort. he’d carvedout steep steps which led all the way down into his sweet split-level pad. one cavernwas the bedroom while the other was an entertaining

space.• the county officials sealed the cave up, filling it with dirt, but yosue became a localcelebrity. people admired him so much that they created a gofundme account to fund hisnext expedition. 9 – inside a boeing 727,• a woman bought a decommissioned boeing 727 and turned it into a stunning waterfronthome. while on the market for a unique home, joanne ussary used her connections with alocal airport to buy the retired aircraft, which had room for 189 of her closest friends.• it cost her just two thousand dollars, leaving her plenty of money for a few modernisingrenovations. her airplane home had three bedrooms, living and dining rooms, a kitchen and laundry,and a master bedroom with a personal jacuzzi

in the cockpit.• ussery christened her new home ‘little trump’ in honour of donald trump’s similar-modelled$16-million corporate jet. 8 – a shopping mall,• many people have fantasies about spending the night at the mall. all that unguardedcandy, all those games and toys… michael townsend decided to live the dream by livingin a mall for four whole years. • in 2003 he built a secret pad in an unusedpart of providence place mall’s parking garage. he used the space for entertainingfamily and friends and claimed the whole thing was done ‘out of a compassion to understandthe mall and life as a shopper’. • michael was careful not to disrupt mallsecurity – probably because he wanted to

keep his public art project off their radar.he and his friends called themselves ‘the trummerkind’, which is german for ‘childrenof the ruins’. or they did until michael was eventually caught in 2007. he was sentencedto six months probation – officially for criminal trespassing.7 – a transparent house, • if you thought contestants in the bigbrother house had no privacy, check out this completely transparent tokyo home.• it’s called ‘house na’ and it came about because the mad geniuses at sou fujimotoarchitects wanted to replicate the homes of japan’s ancient tree-dwelling ancestors.• while it gets more than its share of sunlight, the downside to this completely see-throughthree-storey home is that anyone can see in

at all times! although i guess if you’rea nudist or an exhibitionist then there’s no downside at all!6 – ex-girlfriend’s attic, • a woman went to investigate some strangenoises in her attic and found her ex-boyfriend from twelve years ago secretly living there!• tracy, a single mum of five kids, assumed a wild animal was poking around. she definitelydidn’t expect to find her thieving, drug-abusing ex living right there under her heater.• tracy’s ex had pent the last twelve years in prison and sent tracy hundreds oflove letters during his stay in the big house. apparently he couldn’t grasp that she didn’twant him in her life, so he figured his best shot at reconciliation was to show up unannouncedin her attic in the middle of the night. he

definitely gets women…5 – in the woods, • a hermit in maine lived in a tent in thewoods for twenty-seven years. christopher knight – or ‘the north pond hermit, ashe’s better known – was arrested in 2013 for committing literally thousands of minorthefts. he took food, clothing and tools from nearby camps to survive.• in those twenty-seven years, christopher only spoke to one single person! and he wasso removed from civilised life that he hadn’t bought anything since the mid-1980s. he livedin a small tarp-covered tent and used a propane stove to cook his meals.• when he was captured, he was transported to kennebec county jail where he spent hisfirst night indoors in almost 10,000 days.

are you listening, yosue joel rios? this ishow you live off the land! 4 – a seafort,• if you’re tired of the rat race or looking for a quirky holiday destination, try thisold abandoned wwii sea fort, the prinicipality of sealand. this unusual place is consideredthe smallest sovereign state and is an unofficial micro-nation.• but maybe don’t go there if you’re the kind of person that likes to ya’know,move around freely. this is because only 550 square metres of the principality of sealandis inhabitable, and it’s kind of a isolated area at sea, a whole thirteen kilometres offthe coast of great britain. • still, if intimate communities are yourthing, you’ll love sealand’s official

passports, currency and, err, football team?they also recently got hooked up with a phone line and internet connection. so there yougo. hours of fun. 3 – on a school bus,• most kids ride the bus home from school, but for this eleven- and five-year-old brotherand sister the school bus was home. • the pair had been secretly living in arundown school bus ever since their dipshit parents were sent to jail for embezzling moneyfrom hurricane victims. they had little food and weren’t enrolled in school. a concernedpostman spotted them and had the good sense to notify child welfare.• authorities who found them said the girl’s hair was matted like a stray dog’s. it turnedout they were meant to be living with their

aunt, but she had been neglecting them towork long hours. they’ve since been reunited with their parents.2 – a hobbit hole, • simon dale is such a huge lord of therings fan that he single-handedly built his family a hobbit house so they could experiencelife in the shire. • the amazing eco-house was built in justthree months in the middle of some idyllic welsh woodlands. it uses solar panels to generateelectricity and water is collected from a nearby spring.• it’s peaceful, self-sustaining and is the perfect place to raise a family – thatis until the day a wizard shows up unannounced and invites you on an adventure…1 – ikea,

• ikea’s a magical place beloved by allfood and furniture lovers – at least when it’s not destroying relationships. who hasn’tdreamt of spending the night there, chowing down meatballs and catching zs in a nice comfydisplay bed? twelve-year-old chinese boy peng yijian sure has , because he spent an entireweek living in an ikea store. • after a fight with his mum about homework,peng decided to run away to the ikea store, he survived by eating free food samples andslept like a king on the many display beds. • eventually police tracked him down, butby that time he was so weak he had to be put on an intravenous drip. peng’s mother apologisedto police and promised to never force her son to do homework again. not that i’m suggestingyou should, but if you’re gonna run away

from home this is totally how you should doit.

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