quirky furniture

quirky furniture

well, instead of throwing away old corrugatedboxes you could make some lovely furniture. we will see how. take a long card sheet anddraw this pattern and then cut this into two parts, two equal halves. you can see the darklines are the ones where there will be slits and these light lines have to be scoured withthe needle so that they can fold easily. and now you fold along the scoured lines intoa fan fold. this is a fan fold. then cut little slits on the dark lines. they are more thancuts, they are like small crevices, because one needs to go into the other. you make twosimilar fan folds and then interlock the two fan folds, the slit of one i the slits ofthe other. and after doing so you will find that it becomes a very nice accordion fold.on top of this accordion fold you place a

thick card sheet. and now a very strong tableis ready. you can place an ordinary brick on this table and the table will take allthe load without collapsing. its a very strong table. instead of one you can keep two brickson top. take old boxes and make honeycomb structures as shown. place a plywood top andthis makes a very strong chair or stool. a person can easily sit on this and chair willtake its load.

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