quirky furniture stores

quirky furniture stores

there's an old saying... god is in thedetails. it means details are important. if youpay attention to those small details you'll get big rewards. ask any interiordesigner and they'll tell you that the details are the most important thing!it's these little things that make ordinary pieces of furniture reallystand out. let's look at some examples. here's a very typical drum shade. thefabric is very neutral, the shape is very simple but from a designer's perspectiveit might be too simple, too ordinary. but in this case look close and you'll see abeautiful chain instead of the ordinary electrical wire. i also think the finialunderneath the shape is rather eye

catching. both of these small detailsmake this drum shape anything but ordinary. another example is this drumshade in a flower shape. there are so many of these types of ceiling mountedfixtures and instead of choosing an ordinary round shape, why not choose onethat's a little out of the ordinary. kitchen stools are a great way to injectsomething special where practicality usually wins out. it's true you'll wantstools to be comfortable but that doesn't mean they can't be special insome way. i love something like this... these rattan stools really stand out butthey're still large enough and roomy enough to be comfortable. instead ofbuying a vinyl covered seat think

outside the box look for unexpectedmaterials or shape. those are the details that will stand out. another great placeto look for interesting details are furniture legs. take this couch forinstance. neutral simple you might even call it modern. so yes, this is a pretty standard modern sofa but i love the sofa legs!see that? not so boring anymore. i love how they give the sofa a little morepersonality. it's subtle but still special. would you go out specificallylooking for a sleek copper legged couch? probably not but that's why it's aspecial detail. so here's your takeaway... sometimes a linen pillow is just a linenpillow. small details like little bows

make that pillow not just another pillow!look for details that make everyday objects stand out. make them special.thanks for watching this little design tip! we'll have lots more design tipsjust like this one coming soon so don't forget to subscribe! we've got newvideos every week. and don't forget, if you like this video. please give it athumbs up! see you soon!

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