quirky furniture for sale

quirky furniture for sale

this is the prehistoria natural history centre, the only free education centre in toronto centered around conservation and natural history, and we’re also skull store, the biggest oddity shop in canada. one of the more – one could say – quirky products we sell are human skulls and bones the skulls range anywhere from about $650 to about $1200 for a medical specimen. and then you get into the really weird stuff. we sell shrunken human heads from the achuar tribe in ecuador, we sell decorated skulls of monks that were traded off, and cannibal trophies from the depths of the jungles. things like that can range anywhere from about $1500 to $2500.

if someone offered me a skull with some grass growing out of it, i would be very, very concerned i won’t lie.” you are not going to be supporting the illicit markets, smugglers, traffickers or anything like that when you buy any of our artifacts or our animal parts. the heads in our shop are not the only heads with a price on them. so this poacher sent us a parcel on good faith assuming we would pay for it. instead of course we turned these poached and endangered animals over to wildlife control. and now i have a travel advisory not to go to cameroon because he’s very willing to collect my skull as well.

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