quirky furniture cheap

quirky furniture cheap

hi i'm tess brighton is well known for its cafe culture, if you're visiting brightonseo we have got a list of five quirky cafes to get your coffee and cake fix number one marwood on ship street coffee alcohol cake 1980s memorabilia a sign with a chicken sitting on a brick they're open late on wednesdays and sundays so get yourself down there

number bom-bane's on george street lots of weird and wonderful things happen at bom-bane's the tables are themed there's lots of eccentric decoration there's a belgian and european inspired menu and if you're lucky you might see a performance from owner and musician jane bom-bane number three the mock turtle in pool valley if you're looking for a

really quintessentially british place to have your afternoon tea and cake then head to the mock turtle it's like grandma exploded there's blue and white china everywhere lots of lovely little homemade cakes it really is a treat number four presuming ed's on london road if you're heading up to london road check out the open market and then treat

yourself to coffee and cake at presuming ed's it's really cool inside they've got tables and chairs made of books and the walls are just covered with magazines and stuff like that is really cool so have a look number five metro deco on upper st. jame's street for a taste of 1930s glamour get yourself to metro deco on upper st. jame's street they do a

great afternoon tea and they blend their own teas as well so there's lots of flavours to try thanks for watching all of the links to the cafe's we've spoken about are in the description right now if we've missed any off just let us know also please like and share this video with anyone who is coming to brightonseo so you guys can just go out and have

all the best coffee in town i'll see you at the conference bye!

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