quirky bedroom furniture

quirky bedroom furniture

alright guys, hello from jodhpur (जोधपुर). it is time for another hotel tour. we have been staying in a haveli (हवेली)in jodhpur (जोधपुर) for the last 3 nights. and it is a pretty cool place. like we mentioned in one of our earlier videosa haveli (ø­ùˆûœù„ûœ) is kind of like an old style home or an old style mansion that hasbeen turned into a hotel. so the architecture is very typical and theplace itself is kind of like a maze. it is really quirky.

it is not your typical hotel. so we're going to show you how you get in. then we're going to give you a room tour. and afterwards we're going to show you therooftop because you get some amazing views of the whole city. so let's go find sam and let's get started. alright, so we have found sammy boy. here i am. do you want to lead us in.

let's go take the grand tour. the grand tour. okay. we're going to follow your footsteps. so the thing i find really interesting isthat we have to go past people's homes. and sometimes their doors are open so we likecan peak in. look at the shoes. you can see the shoes. and then the door.

and look you can see there about like 3 inches. i don't know why i'm whispering. haha. in case the neighbors are listening. so there is another door. someone's home. and we go up these steps. alright still going into the haveli (हवेली). it is a bit of a long walk from the gate.

but check out this art. some hand painted art. elephants. how cool is that? anyways let's keep going. more stairs. a bit of a workout. getting to this place. oh and guys you seriously need to watch yourhead.

this is not for people if you're tall. i just hit my head. again. while i said that. after saying that. that wasn't even an accident. sam is out there not following his own advice. it is not easy being a cameraman. so 360 of the main courtyard.

this is also where you have the receptionto check-in. but let's go find sam. so from the courtyard we take this randomlittle hall. more artwork. more elephants. and we have another courtyard. and we have sam's dad. hello sam's dad. and more stairs.

we have more stairs. so we continue to climb up. alright, more stairs. let's do it. and we're going to be going up yonder. and now we're going to show you the viewsyou get from the rooftop terrace. let me find the keys. it is a funny little key. and a bit of a giant lock.

(knocking sounds) no need to knock. i already know you're there. come on in. so now it is time for the grand room tour. let's keep the sun out because it is reallyhot. um, so yeah basically this is it. let me lock the door so nobody comes in. basically this is it and what i do like aboutthis room are the paintings on the walls.

like you have these really cool scenes. i know. right by our deodorant. oh okay. up there. let's stop focussing on the deodorant. um, and we have a bed that is like on thislow to the ground platform. yeah. mattress.

it is basically almost on the ground. so yeah. i also like the little details they have allalong the top of the wall. on the ceiling. yeah, so it is pretty cool. we have a big rug. yeah, and like consistent with the rest ofthe places we've stayed at the ceilings are really high up there. high ceilings.

they have cool wooden furniture on this side. yeah, and some of these havelis (हवेली)are like hundreds of years old. like some of them over 500 years old. yeah, i don't know how old this one is. it is part of the mystery. but some of them are just like ancient. and you see that with the you know with justthe way they're built on the outside. it is unbelievable that they're still standing. yeah, and yeah it is just bright colors everywhere.

like even on the pillows you've got like hotpink and reds. um, okay but the best part the best part isthe view. hello. the best part is definitely the view. we paid for a castle view and that means weget to see the fortress. the big unveil. tada. dah dah dah. not too shabby guys.

huh? that is castleview. and that is just the right time of day. we're filming this in the afternoon when thesun is hitting it just perfectly. and we almost forgot. i suppose we should show you the bathroom. i don't really like it. it is a little yucky and it is small and itis dark but let's go so you know what you're getting yourself in to.

so again if you're tall watch your head becausesam keeps bumping himself. if i'm not concussed then i don't know whatis going on because i've bumped my head probably at least i don't even know how many timesnow. 10 times at least? so that is the heater. the heater. gotta flick it on with a switch. we've got a shower. that is the switch that flicks it on.

we've got a shower up there. we have a tiny little sink where you can barelywash your hands. yep. and a dirty mirror. urggh. so yeah, the bathroom is not the amazing part. but yeah that is the room so now time forsome concluding thoughts after 3 nights here. time for thoughts from a fancy chair. yeah, so final thoughts about staying in ahaveli (ø­ùˆûœù„ûœ) here in jodhpur (जोधपुर).

so yeah, highly recommend it. it is one of those unique kind of accommodationsthat you can only find in very specific locations. whenever you have a chance to stay in a placewith this much character i absolutely recommend it. um, in terms of the place that we're stayingin itself the stay was okay. yeah, not amazing. there was some just basic things that weren'treally met. like we kept having to ask for toilet paper,for towels, for soap. for bedsheets and things like that.

they kind of just didn't really prepare theroom perfectly. i would agree. like i would say the service has not beenamazing but it is kind of like a quirky property so that is why we wanted to showcase it. and also it gives you guys an idea of whathavelis (हवेली) are like because a lot of them have a similar layout. so i would say do stay in a haveli (हवेली)but you don't necessarily have to book the same one. you've got tonnes of options here.

tonnes of havelis (ø­ùˆûœù„ûœ) and a lot ofthem have character and charm. so do your research and pick one that is withinyour budget. yeah, so that is it from jodhpur (जोधपुर),rajasthan, india. time to send you out the door. off we go.

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