quinceanera cheap decorating ideas

quinceanera cheap decorating ideas

hello and welcome back again to your quincemadrina's vlog. we are now on blog number 6. no 7. (laughing). we're now on vlog #7 and this time we're goingto be discussing 13 things you need to plan your perfect quinceaã±era. let's begin. first things first you'll need to set yourdate so you can plan around it and you can have things prepared.

two you need to set a budget. remember talk with your parents and make surewhat you guys can afford and can't. so you can have that in mind as well. number three. research. make sure to research online, pinterest, instagram,and you can also visit our website quinceaã±era.com we have plenty of things that will help youout. from invitations to shoes, dresses, anythingliterally anything. number four.

guest list, remember it will be changing throughoutthe year since you are supposed to be planning this two years in advanced. remember pros and cons. pros your going to be getting new friendsand cons you will be losing some and drifting apart from other people as well. number 5. you can download the quinceanera party planningapp and no i am not just saying it because i work for quinceanera.com but it really ishelpful. it helps you plan and organize everythingfor your party so we highly recommend it.

i recommend it big time. number six consider any possible padrinosor even your court of honor. ask yourself do you even want to have a courtof honor? or who are possible padrinos you can counton. number seven. book your quince. let me just walk out. number seven book your venue and ceremonyfirst. number 8.

create a checklist in order to organize anprioritize what you have to get done. number 9. determine your themes and color so you canstart seeing what decorations you'll need and what material as well. number 10. get invited to a quince. go party have some fun. see what it's about. look at the traditions and what goes on ata quince.

number 11. attend our quinceanera.com expo look onlineat quinceanera.com. i'll provide the link above and on the descriptionbox so you guys can go check it out which one's closest to you. you can get your tickets for free. so you can go check out the local vendorsand see which ones more convenient for you. number 12. remain calm. don't stress too much.

remember that the perfect quinceaã±era isn'tperfect as you may think it is. everything is going to work out the way it'ssupposed to. your going to make great memories out of it. so just take a deep breathe. and number 13. get plenty of sleep. because you want to stay well energized youneed to be taking care of yourself and i mean come on who doesn't like to sleep, right. that will conclude the 13 things you needto plan your quinceaã±era as perfect as possible.

thank you for watching don't forget to like,subscribe, and comment down below. if you have any thing you'd like for us togo over with you for future videos. thank you. bye dolls.

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