quick cheap decorating ideas

quick cheap decorating ideas

ðÿžµ*music playing*ðÿžµ wengie: hey guys, it's wengie! welcome back, and sunnies hug! ðÿ‘“ wengie: i don't know about you guys, but my room constantly gets messy, i feel like i walk into the room, and like this invisible tornado happens, and i'm just like i cleaned it a couple of days ago, so today, i thought i'd share with you guys some super cool organisational diys, and life hacks, you can use to organise your home, or your room, and up your decor game! ðÿ  ðÿž¨ wengie: hold up, if you guys aren't part of the fam yet here already, i encourage you guys to join, welcome, we're a super cool bunch here, and all you need to, is click the subscribe button down below, and you'll be automatically entered into the current mac - book air giveaway, and the second thing, you need to do, is be part of my #vlogsquad, which means subscribed to my vlog channel, which i have linked down below, give this video a like, and click the thumbs up, and if we can get this to a hundred, and fifty thousand thumbs up, i would be so ecstatically happy! ðÿ‘¨â€ðÿ‘©â€ðÿ‘§â€ðÿ‘¦ ðÿ’» 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ðÿ‘ ðÿ˜€ wengie: i have a question for you guys, during this video, please pick your favourite diy, or hack, and let me down below, and also, i made this video in partnership with quay australia, and they have some super cool sunnies, which i'm going to show you during the video! ❔ ðÿž¨ðÿ“¹ ðÿ‘“ wengie: without further ado, let's get on with the video! let's go! ðÿ‘‰ wengie: i seriously love my sunglasses, especially these ones from quay australia, and i had a drawer, but they definitely deserve a display organiser, so let's make one! ðÿ‘“ wengie: all you need, is a picture frame, some fairy lights of wire, and some pushpins! ðÿ“œ wengie: the first step is to, take out the back of the picture frame, i bent the metal bits back with a butter knife, and then, removed the backing, including the glass! ðÿ½

wengie: then, flip your frame to the back, and, mark it out where you want your sunnies to hang, by using a pushpin on either side of the frame, leave a gap when you do this, so the wire can slide underneath, now, use your wire, or fairy lights, and twist it along the pushpins, then, trail it across, down, then, across! ðÿ‘“ðÿ“œ wengie: make sure it's super tight, or, it will sag, when you hang your sunglasses, finally push your pushpins down once the wire is in place, and it will hold firmly, you can also use hot glue to glue this in place if you want to make sure it stays, your sunglasses organiser is now complete, just hang all your favourite sunglasses on the wire, and they will look so amazing, and it can even double up as a cute decor item, especially with the fairy lights, i love these sunnies from quay australia, they have an amazing range, including their muse fade style, and i'm giving away ten of these, so if you want a pair, check the description box, on how to enter, and good luck, i've also included a link there to the awesomely sassy muse fade style, so be sure to check that one out, too! ðÿ‘“ðÿ˜€ðÿ‘ wengie: if your wardrobe is starting to get a little bit cramped, you can use this quick hack to make more use of your space, just take a chain, and thread it through the first coat hanger, this then allows you to thread multiple hangers on the one hanger, which saves a ton of space by spreading out your clothes vertically, instead of all horizontally, this is especially useful if you have a tall wardrobe like me! ðÿ‘š ðÿ‘— wengie: i don't know about you, but i have this drawer, where cables go to die, i don't even know what's in there already, but we can organise this super easy, so we do, all you need is some toilet rolls, and optional duct tape for decoration, simply create a pattern you like on the toilet roll, using decorative duct tape, or leave it plain, it's up to you, but how cute is this unicorn one, once you've covered up the toilet roll, simply write down what the cable is for, using a sharpie, roll it up, and then, tuck it into the toilet roll, that's it, now, when you put it into your drawer, you'll know exactly what each cable is for, and, it won't be tangled, and disorganised, seriously, so satisfying! ðÿš½ðÿ—žðÿ¦„ ðÿ–š wengie: this has got to be one of my favourite diys so far, this used to be empty crates, like what, all you really need are eight crates for this diy, which can be like old milk crates, or fruit crates, or anything really, you can decorate these with anything you like, but i used a combination of wrapping paper, and spray paint, so on four of the eight crates, i used some painter's tape, and scrap paper to cover up all the sides, leaving the base exposed! ðÿž¨ðÿ“ƒ wengie: then, take your gold paint, and spray away, try not to breathe in these fumes, if you can avoid it ,because they're not very good for you, once the paint is dry, peel off your tape, and feel free to take your time with this, because it's so satisfying! ⏰ wengie: once everything is removed, it looks pretty good, next, i used some wrapping paper to decorate the remaining four crates, just fold it in to fit the bottom of the crate, and then, use some double sided tape to stick it onto the base! ðÿ‘ðÿ˜€ wengie: the great thing about the wrapping paper method, is that you can change up the style of your shelves, any time you want, now, to assemble them like this! ðÿ› wengie: this shelf will actually hold in place, but you can also nail them in place if you're putting heavier objects in them, i'm so in love with how unique, the different shapes of the shelves are, and the gold, and polka dot design looks so cute, this is such an amazing way to organise your books, or display items, and it's completely customisable!ðÿ“š

wengie: now, we're going to create a custom whiteboard to - do list, that sits on your desk, or hangs on a wall, grab a picture frame, and open it up, remove the display image, and, use it as a guide to cut out your own custom backing, i had this super cute design left over from spray painting a diy, and it was so perfect for this, place the cardboard in, and put it all back together! ðÿž¨âœ‚️ ðÿ“¦ wengie: and, now, it's ready, just get any whiteboard marker, and start writing your to - do list! ðÿ–š wengie: and, of course, once you've completed it, which feels really good by the way, just wipe it away, and you're ready to start over again, it looks super cute on your study desk, and you can save so much paper, by using this instead! ðÿ“ƒ wengie: this amazing diy craft storage caddy helps up upcycle something you usually throw away, that's right, it's actually used to store apple cider, to make this, you'll need an empty drink caddy, some wrapping paper, and some paint, simply measure out the rough side of the wrapping paper you'll need, and cut that on first! ðÿžðÿ“ƒ ✂️ wengie: then, wrap up the drink caddy as neatly as possible, using some tape, as you go! ðÿƒ wengie: you'll need to cut the wrapping paper around the open side of the caddy, in order to fold it in over the edges, and when you're ready, use some glue, or sticky tape, to stick it down! ðÿ· wengie: once you're done, simply paint any remaining visible cardboard, i used this beautiful gold to match the rest of my decor items, and that's it! ðÿž¨ wengie: it's so cute, and a great way to store your bits, and pieces from your diy projects! ðÿž¨ wengie: if you're running out of space in your cleaning closet, simply use an over the door shoe organiser on your closet door to store any additional cleaning products, and supplies, it's not only super tidy, and frees up space, but you can also see everything you need super clearly, simply close the door, and the mess is hidden away, super neat, right! ðÿšª

wengie: if you're an avid gift giver, this one's for you, simply get a garment bag to store all your loose wrapping paper, if yours is too long like mine, you will need to measure out the length of your wrapping paper for the garment bag to the length, and secure it with some board clips at the bottom, and the edges, now unzip, and put your wrapping paper in vertically! how satisfying is it to watch it neatly pile in? oh my gosh! ðÿ›ðÿ“ƒ wengie: once you're done, simply zip it up, and hang it, it keeps your wrapping paper clean, and crease free, and it hardly takes up any space! ðÿ“ƒ wendy: wengie, can i borrow your phone charger? ðÿ“± wengie: okay, just a second! ❔ wengie: if you get confused like me, this next diy is for you, all you need is some coloured washy tape, and sharpies, to make your plugs stand out, i first used some of this mesmerising glitter tape on the plug itself! ðÿž¨ ðÿ–š wengie: and then used some washy tape, and folded it over the cord, cut out a triangle at the end, and then, use a sharpie to write what it is, so you always know you're plugging under the table, genius, right? ✂️ wengie: here's an easy way to make a super cute note board to hold all your loose paper, that's probably cluttering up your desk, all you need is a picture frame, some chicken wire, pushpins, and pliers, first,remove the back part of your frame, including the glass,, then, turn your frame to the back, when handling chicken wire, you probably want to wear some gloves because the wire often has loose sharp ends, so be careful, place a roughly cut sheet of chicken wire on top of your frame, so that it's all covered, use the pushpins to pin the wire in place, you want to do this all along the edges to hold it securely, you can then use hot glue on top for extra security if you want! ðÿ“ƒðÿ“œ wengie: once that's done, simply trim the edge of the chicken wire with your pliers, so there is as little excess as possible to stick out, and hurt you, you want to make sure, that no sharp bits cross over the edge of the frame, when you're done, it should look like this, turn your frame around, and it's ready to use, simply get some small cute pegs, and start pinning whatever you like to it, you can use this to hold any important notes or cards, or even decorate it with photos, if you like, but i have so much cute fan art, and letters from you guys, that, it's honestly just asking to be put on display, so this is what i did with mine! ðÿ“œðÿ“ƒðÿ“™ðÿœ wengie: i think it looks super, duper cute, and mine is sitting nicely on my bedside table to remind me of all the amazing memories, i've been able to share with some of you, it's just perfect! ðÿ›

wengie: so, i hope you guys enjoyed these diys, and hacks, today, if you guys do any of these, don't forget to share them with me on #wengiecorns, i love looking at all your creations, find me on social medias during the week, or on reacticorns! ðÿž¨ (screaming & laughing)ðÿ’¬ wengie: ooo, arrrghhhh! max: now, wen, stop, it's there! ðÿ”´ (screaming) ðÿ’¬ wengie: i'm gonna miss you guys so much, time to say bye, love you!

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