neo traditional home decor

neo traditional home decor

you know that sound? hey, if you have a glassshower like this, you never have to worry about norman bates or his mom sneaking upon you while you're taking a shower. they say an eco-friendly house can't be built in150 days for $150,000, and i say it can. i'm allen smith, join me as i push the limitswith time, budget and creativity with the garden home challenge, exclusively on ehowhome. hey, look at the shower: it's installed, and it feels pretty good in here. there'splenty of room. we finally got the glass installed, and there's several different ways you cango here: the simplest and the most traditional is the one where you just put a rod up anda shower curtain. then you can buy showers that are pre-made and pop them in, or youcan have them customized and built -- that's

what we did here. and then when it comes tothe wall, the glass wall, you can have it framed, as i have here, or unframed. the unframedis really cool, but it's a little more expensive if you're considering installing a showerin your bathroom, whether in a new house or a remodel. this framed one was about 20 percentless money. when they install these, they have to take very exacting measurements. inother words, you wanna be within 1/16 of an inch with your measurements to make sure thateverything is plum and fits just the way it should. you're gonna wanna coordinate thiswith the tile layer, the plumber, and of course, the installer of the glass walls. now let'stalk about the glass itself: when you install these showers, typically what you have isa range of glass thickness from 3/8 to half

inch -- what we used here is 3/8. again, wewere trying to save money. but you wanna make sure it's tempered glass. you don't want thisshattering -- no reason to go there -- you can understand the disaster that could occur.and also, you can see here, you wanna make sure that you have doorstops in place, andi don't mean a cardboard box, so that the knob does not hit the glass. that is not we're gonna put a doorstop here to help that. and then you need to think about howthe door opens or which direction the door opens. here, since people will be coming aroundthis way, we wanted to open the door from the left. here, since we have a closet dooron this side, it made sense to actually put the hinging here on the left where it opensto the right where you can step in. so this

is put together in way that it's very snug.there's a water sealant placed at the base and along the sides -- no chance of leaks,which is really important. one advantage to a system like this over, say, a shower curtain,is you don't get the problem of the mildew getting on the shower curtain on the know what i'm talking about. and when it comes to these metal finishes, well, youcan go with anything you want: bronze, gold -- this is sort of a pewter or nickel can get some of them that are really highly polished. this is what i chose for this roombecause it matches the other metal fixtures in the room. and the great thing about a shower,if you're talking about conservation, is that you're gonna conserve more water with showerthan you would with a tub. hey, if you're

enjoying these updates on the house, checkin with us regularly. we're about to wrap up the house and start the decorating. andmake sure you subscribe to ehow home. i'm gonna step in here and have a shower -- ifi could have a little privacy.

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