bedroom paint color ideas martha stewart

bedroom paint color ideas martha stewart

it’s all too easy for a laundry room toturn into a dark closet full of dirty clothes. make household chores more appealing by makingover the room in which you do them. a welcoming laundry room will encourage everyonein the house to participate in chores. our list of 28 small laundry room design ideaswill help you to enjoy the area around your washer and dryer (probably for the first time). you’re proud of the rest of your home, whynot love your laundry room too? you don’t need a finished basement or servants’quarters to have a welcoming laundry room. this list includes design ideas for even thesmallest of spaces and budgets. all you need is a little paint, some organizationaltools and this gallery of laundry rooms.

with the right design, you can even use yourlaundry room for other tasks like at-home office work or crafts. add a rustic wooden countertop that doublesas a folding and ironing station, or get some much-needed extra storage space with a wallof shelves. after the makeover, you’re sure to findyourself enjoying your laundry room a lot more often.

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