bedrooms modern design for couples

bedrooms modern design for couples

comfort and convenience can rarely be enjoyedin a cramped space, so if you have a small bedroom, you know that you need to use youringenuity and creativity to eliminate the claustrophobic atmosphere of your bedroom,to efficiently make use of the limited space, and to establish real comfort, convenienceand even luxury in your small haven. next, the ten small bedroom decorating ideaswe can help you discover the best methods to transform your small bedroom into the mostcomfortable and luxurious retreat in your house. 10. corner shelves can be great for storing smallstuff.

if you have small items like books that yourarely read, flower pots, car replicas, photo frames, and toys, corner shelves can be greatfor storing them. pick your drill and build several layers ofshelves on your room’s corners. you will have some handy platforms to storethose items. you can make this task a fun and excitingdiy job or you can also buy prebuilt shelves that you can attach to your bedroom walls. with corner shelves, you can forget aboutusing bulky cabinets in your bedroom. 9. hang everything.

in a room with very limited space, ceilingis often the most vacant part that you can abuse as much as you want. instead of using a nightstand that will occupyyour limited floor space, why don’t you use a hanging platform? there are actually many things that your ceilingcan support, such as plants, shelves and lighting fixtures. in fact, even your bed can be suspended onyour ceiling if you want. however, for simple bedroom decorating task,hanging small stuff is enough to make your bedroom less cramped.

8. use rails instead of wardrobe. among items that you want to keep in yourbedroom is your clothes, but a large wardrobe is definitely not the best choice for yoursmall bedroom. so, instead of using bulky furniture pieceslike wardrobe or dresser, why don’t you hang your clothes on rails? you’ll have much space to save if you doso. you can get your clothes properly stored withouthaving to fill your restricted floor space with bulky furniture.

you can fix the rails to your bedroom’sceiling as already mentioned or to your wall. 7. get a bed with drawers underneath it. if hanging your clothes is not an attractivechoice as clothes attract mosquitoes and make your room look untidy, use under-bed drawer. ikea has a lot of beds with this design, soyou always have a lot of choices to transform your bed into a reliable storage unit. of course you don’t necessarily have tobuy the bed. if your bed leaves empty space underneathit, you can transform an old drawer into an

under-bed drawer by installing drawer frameunder the bed and fixing caster wheels to your old drawer. 6. use floating vanity. another way to make good use of your wallspace and to save your floor space is by using floating vanity. this kind of vanity is available in most furniturestores and is designed to be lightweight but sturdy enough to be fixed to your wall. with this vanity fixed to your bedroom wall,you can use the empty space beneath the vanity

for a stool or anything else. 5. use pegboard to store your stuff. anything that lies flat on your wall but canbe used to store things is a perfect accessory for your bedroom. pegboard definitely meets this criterion. pegboard is great for your bedroom not onlybecause of its function, but also because it looks so beautiful that it often appearslike a wall dã©cor. pegboard looks even more beautiful as youput more stuff on it.

there are various things that you can puton the pegboard and sometimes, a pegboard can even be a better alternative for shelves. 4. transform everything into usable storage unit. we have shown above how you can transformyour bed into a usable storage unit by adding under-bed drawer to it, but don’t you knowthat you can also do the same modification to other furniture pieces in your bedroom? try to build a drawer under your chair ortable and you can get additional space to store your stuff in your bedroom.

3. use mason jars as wall storage units. if you have some empty mason jars that youdon’t use anymore, you can use them as handy storage units in your bedroom. hang them on your pegboard or wooden boardthat you have previously attached to the wall and you can use them for any purposes. you can use the jar to store your small stuff,grooming equipment or plants. using mason jars is an eco-friendly and cost-effectiveway to recycle old stuff and to make it functional again.

2. fill the remaining empty space with shelves. empty space in your bedroom should not beleft unused because shelves can be placed on any imaginable spaces. you can make use of, for example, empty spaceabove your door or window for storage purpose by constructing shelves there. you can store items that you frequently use,such as bedding equipment and clothes, on those shelves if you can easily access them. if you cannot, you can put stuff that yourarely use, such as plants and books, instead.

1. brighten up your room. this cosmetic bedroom treatment can help enhancethe atmosphere of your bedroom. there are several ways to make your bedroombrighter. the easiest is by painting its wall and ceilingwith bright colors. you can also benefit from large windows thatbring the brightness of the outside in. installing mirrors in your bedroom will alsohelp remove the claustrophobic atmosphere of your bedroom. if you don’t want your room to look monotonouswith its bright appearance, you can use bedroom

accessories and small decorative elementsas accents. with these excellent small bedroom decoratingideas, your bedroom should appear roomier than before and you can make every elementof it more functional despite its limited space. that’s it for today episode,before you leave, help this video rank higher with your comment, like, or awesome share. see you again next time sometimes in the futureand press subscribe button to keep our videos in your youtube play list. thanks for watching and see you again later.

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