home decorating ideas bedroom colors

home decorating ideas bedroom colors

turquoise home dã©cor items collection foryour house some of you might love a specific color, which is why you want to dã©cor your house withthat one color as the main color. turquoise is a beautiful color which representthe water and sea. it has blue and green shade combination whichmakes it very unique. you can also have turquoise color in its othertint such as teal and aquamarine. both of them are also very beautiful selectionsthat you should have. and if you want to use this color theme insideyour house, then you must need turquoise home dã©cor items to be used to decorate your beautifulhouse.

turquoise home dã©cor item selection withpretty shade 6.furniture furniture will give your house a huge change,that is why when you want to create turquoise themed interior, then you must use severalfurniture in turquoise color. this turquoise home dã©cor could be mix andmatch with other colors which will make it blend naturally on your interior design. use turquoise shelf in your home office whichmatch with other wood tone furniture. use turquoise wardrobe in your bedroom whichwill surely suits your turquoise bedding. use turquoise oven, refrigerator, and washingmachine in your kitchen, and other furniture

around the house. 5.craft and decoration item there are a lot of small turquoise home dã©coritems which you could use and add more beauty to your house. search for wall art which you could use todecorate your bedroom and living room walls. painting is another turquoise decoration itemsthat is very easy to be found and you could use it anywhere around the house. for your kitchen, there are a lot of smallcraft and kitchen sets in turquoise color which surely will give your kitchen greatturquoise color theme.

4.bedding if you want to use turquoise home dã©cor onyour bedroom, then you will need this turquoise bedding. you will get the bedding in plain withoutany pattern, or you can also get it in several other patterns such as flower pattern, wavepattern, zebra pattern, stripe pattern and many others. you can use this bedding on your bedroom,your kid’s bedroom and even your baby’s bedroom. this turquoise color will give your room calmingeffect which will surely make you feel more

comfortable sleeping inside. 3. sofa and chair main furniture that you should always haveis sofa and chair. the turquoise color would be very beautifulon the sofa and chairs which you could use on your living room and dining room. mostly you will find plain sofa without anypattern, however for the dining room chairs you might find stripe pattern chair cushionin turquoise color. nevertheless, both plain or patterned sofaand chair has their own beauty. 2.chandelier

light fixture is another thing that you needto use in your house, and there are a lot of turquoise home dã©cor chandeliers thatyou could use. those chandeliers are made from beads of turquoisecolor which is very beautiful. some also made from turquoise colored glassso it really appears as other chandelier but in turquoise color. if you want some rustic style turquoise decoration,then you could use mason jar style chandelier still in turquoise color. you could put those chandeliers on your livingroom, bedroom and even on your kitchen. 1.vase and pottery

basic home dã©cor items that you need to useare vase and pottery which available in turquoise color. some of them are made from ceramic or clayso the shade would be darker. but you can also find items made from glassso the color would be lighter. you can place sets of vase around the roomto achieve beautiful turquoise theme decoration. you could also add some flowers with differentcolor to tone down the shade a little bit so it would not be too much to use. tips in using turquoise color theme in yourhouse when you want to use turquoise color themein your house, it does not mean that you should

use only one color. you could also pair turquoise color with othercolor to make it fresher and not feel too much. use neutral color such as white or gray, butif you want to use turquoise home dã©cor with pink, yellow, red or other earth brown colors,no one can stop you. that also means you should not use too muchturquoise items in one room. you can put them all around the house, butmake sure that the turquoise color in each room is in moderate. still there are a lot of turquoise home dã©coritems that you could use so you should not

have to worry about the selection of itemsyou could use. if you want to paint your wall with turquoisecolor, it is also allowed, still if you do not comfortable using it in all wall, youcan paint only several walls for accent. that’s it for today house and dã©cor tips,before you leave and follow some of this idea, help this video attract more attention withyour comment, like, or lovely share. see you again sometimes in the future andpress subscribe button to keep our videos in your youtube watch list. thanks for watching and see you again later.

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