bedroom color schemes for couples

bedroom color schemes for couples

the right mix of color can create a vibrantpersonality for your living room. but you also want color to be livable. so, what'sthe secret to success? before you even start to think about playing with colors, take along hard look at what you won't change. if the couch and curtains are staying, that'syour color scheme starting point. here, we began with a blue sofa and neutral floor, you wanna find a pattern fabric you love that has colors you want to use. as you'repulling out colors from this fabric, the real secret is to mix, not match. in other words,you don't want to use the exact blue and brown in the fabric. look for a relative in thatcolor family. for example, the navy on the sofa translates into watery blue on the fabric.the same goes with the pillows. they pick

up the light pink in the pattern, but area more intense version of the color. you can pull out more colors from your fabric, likewe did by adding pops of citron in this room. but beware of loan accent colors. accentsneed a friend or two to make the room feel balanced. so, be sure to repeat your hues.if you want to take a risk and add another color, make it a calculated one, like we didwith the pink pillows. we went for a deeper version of the color in the fabric. on thischair, a muted mauve in the botanical fabric is a reinterpreted as a deeper plum. finally,don't forget the neutrals. they help amp up your signature colors. aim for a light anda dark in the room to give it dimension. here, the walls are the light neutrals, and thewoven window shade and accent chair serve

as the darks to really ground the scheme.when it comes to building a room of color, every piece plays a part. by focusing on eachelement, your space will be transformed into a world of livable color.

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