home decor artificial plants

home decor artificial plants

okay i started making this video theday that hurricane harvey came into town and now the storm has gone so it is timeto just spread color all the flowers are going to come alive even the fakeflowers in my front yard are going to come alive in everyone's home i hopeyou spread the joy with fake flowers in your front yardwe are in hurricane central right before oh the rains just started i create youtubevideos about ideas that just pop into my head all over the placetravel ideas i travel a whole lot makeup ideas planner ideas pop overagain soon and enjoy this video i have learned four things about planting fakeflowers in my front yard the first thing

i learned about fake flowers my firstyard was proportion this piece was way too tall for my potted plant and icould cut from above but instead i am cutting each little segment now i'veused this piece of greenery that i got from hobby lobby i've used it for a yearand a couple of my videos on fake flowers but i spray-painted it justtoday and i'm going to separate them with wire cutters and then only use aright proportion in each pot let's deconstruct this fake flower pot iseparated these into individual flowers but you'll see they're so littlesome of them are the short portions because they thrill in their arrangementso i have the individual ones and then i

separated my orange aren't thosegorgeous i separated those but i needed something right here so i have separatedthose and bent them like one of my favorite things thatfake flowers do i have bent them and it kind of fills the space a second thingthat i learned with fake flowers from my front yard is that you do not have touse the same color a third thing that i have learned from planting fake flowersin my front yard is that you don't have to fill all your flowers in one pot sothat they're cramped in there like all your socks in your dresser drawer so ihave kind of spaced them out i have this the correct proportion and then myfourth one is i love adding the little

the little cranberry type beadsespecially in the fall anyway and then another thing i learned about fakeflowers in my front yard is perspective when you are driving up beside my houseyou're going to see the side of view you might see that side view if you'resitting on my rocking chair you're gonna see it from this view and so it's justsomething to think about like what perspective are you looking at this potare people looking at it more like you are like from above or are they lookingat it from the front it's just another thing to think about i am gonna add onemore of these just for a little more depth okayall right we are done with that one i'm

using my handy dandy skateboard thatnever gets used anymore i love the spray-painti did actually ditch the ferns this year i have used those four ferns thosepoor things i've used them forever ever since i started this and after i usedthe dull spray-paint last year when they were a little blue and did not help so ii finally got rid of them now they are resting in peace in a happy yardsomewhere this was my favorite arrangement and these just starburstanother thing that i learned about fake flowers in my front yard is that it'snice to have some texture and that maybe that's because i am just a novice isthat what it is when you're just

beginning i am just a beginner fakeflorist it's a new term i am a fake florist today and a youtuber a fakeflorist okay so another thing that i learned is to put some greenery in thereokay so i bought this from michaels this is some of my greenerywell i'm using greenery but i mean like leafy greenery can you see these ikind of feel like this one looks more real than this one but this is gorgeousjust all by itself welcome to the jungle alright so we're gonna use our wirecutters and i mean i should put the whole thing in there but let's spreadthe wealth because i do have four pots to fill up

but i love this red so i'm gonna putsome more red in there isn't that pretty right now let's change our perspectivenow i've got that we see the difference in there let's put some greenery back inthere now does the greenery need to be the same i don't know i'm just afirst-time fake florist you can get away with this kind of green waxy fakenessbecause we are in houston and it's really humid i think this needssomething down here let's do this let's spill even more so pretty sopretty so pretty see how it's just kind of separated butbooming and love love love it i'm gonna put one more greenery over there

love it it looks like my hair on a goodhair day all right now for this one i'm going touse some of the greenery that i had in my old videosit's very top-heavy okay so we're gonna make it like that and i only have ateeny tiny bit of soil in there so you know what i'm gonna save these for thelast one because i have a major soil and that one okay let's use these featherytype flowers okay these fake flowers in our front yard can be spread apart alittle a little bit but i would not i would not bend them okay i am going touse all the same ones like the same color ones okay oh they are gorgeousalright so now let's put some of these

more fall looking orange ones in thereokay and it's really this is going to be kindof the same color palette do we need a bright orange in there idon't think so do we need some greenery in there in the back i think it wouldmake the leopard look those feather leopard pieces i think it would makethem really pop let's see how this looks as a fake florist i am very interestedin having your ideas and what worked for you in your potted plants so pleaseleave me a comment below okay so this is this next one sometimes you have to stick the stem inthe pot like that way

see how i've put it in at an angle sothat's what i'm doing here because all of those the greenery to shun it and iwant that just to come up okay which is your favorite so far when you step backand look at your fake flowers you really notice the empty spots like these - thisone it needs something in the back in between those two greenery pieces andthis one looks a little empty i can't believe i'm saying that but it looks alittle empty so we're gonna play around with what can be added without lookingstuffed or too full okay one thing i can do is since i bought another one of thisstyle i think i'm going to put that in the middle okay i'm seeing too manybonds like too many stems i guess so

and then i'm going to add more of thisgreenery and add these how does that look oohokay sorry so we can add these in the beginning all right what do you thinkwhat do you think so i love how this fills it in just the right way okay itit separates them red but makes the red look oh wow it draws your eyes to theother flowers don't you think we love it and the greenery just looks morebalanced it doesn't look like i put a few sprigs of cut and greenery spikes inthere all right with these do you feel the same that i do that it needssomething right here i'm also going to poke this down i think it needssomething right there and i'm going to

try a pop of orange just to give it somemore visually stimulating texture i guess that's what i what i'm going fori'm going to bend them kind of towards the front since that's where my perspective is okay i do likethis alright that said too much and why do too muchwell let me look okay and that looks like we're trying to climba beanstalk all right so i'm gonna take off some of those i like the greeneryback there and but right here i don't think you need this and what this red let's see a lot of this green is pumpingthrough it right here yes all right now in this one i want to usethis bright bright bright orangey red

okay and i want to use my little lastleopard one and this is the only one that is since it's already bending thatway don't you mess with what's not broken i'm going to try and use theseokay they have a little more soil to stick in so use those that might be alittle too springy to use but we'll see all right here's the centerpiece and i'mgoing to off-center it i do not have another one in this color so i reallywant that to shine and pop and be one more convinced arrangement okay allright let's see i have this way i don't know if you remember this one this onelooks a little cheap but far away it might not okay so i'm gonna put this inthe ground and i'm gonna put this one in

the ground as little like little happybouquets i'm not going to use those anymore okay the proportion is off and this is alittle too springy looking so i'll save that for next spring i do have this allby itself i'll throw that in there just in case now we need somethrill real soil as a fake florist i use real soil i really do thatbecause soil fills in the whole pot and so you can really rearrange your fakeflower stems where you need them to go versus like a styrofoam like a foamgreen foam thing i think that's a little it doesn't feel the whole entire bowlmaybe that's what i need to do maybe i

need to take something out hmm there canbe too much of a good thing right hmm okay i think this is just fun buti'm gonna move this one up a little bit to just give that height right there ilove this spill here i think each one is now becoming my favorite all right i'mgoing to show you each of the flower arrangements the fake flowerarrangements for my front yard and let you decide on your favorite i hope youhad fun being creative with me and trying different things and i hope hopeyou continue to spread joy by bringing some color to your front yard and i hopeyou continue to learn as a fake florist like i am and if you think of anythingbe sure to leave me a comment below and

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