home decor artifacts

home decor artifacts

gifts with meaningleather leavescolumbian artisans for peace the leather leaves are handmade in colombia inspired by colombia's biodiversitycolombia has ten percent of the world's biodiversity the idea with the leather leaves was tobring a piece of nature into our homes surevolution's idea is to work withartisans all over the world and bring them together so that they canhave a meaningful and sustainable life around traditional crafts we're using leather. leather is a byproductof the cattle industry that it's very important in colombia's center plains

and it is a second byproduct of theshoe industry and leather industry so we are using actually the leftovers from otherindustries and recycling them and using very clean hand made processes that are inspiredby traditional goucho culture. we have many good master artisans incolombia of many different crafts, one of them leatherand we decided to train different groups of ex-cobatives from different parts of colombia's conflict to learn the different stages of the process through handicraft work you construct yourself.

it's about meeting yourself you have to be concentrated, lookingfor perfection, for a goal. in a very fast world this demandsa lot of patience. and this way you revise yourself. leather is very inspiring. it reflects one's feelings. we have are working around the shape of salvia.salvia is a shamanic leaf used in a lot of indian ceremonies in the amazon jungle the whole process is hand-made and it consistsof actually melting the hands into the leather with water, and one of the characteristics of tala,of the type of leather that we're using, or raw leather,

is that it can be molded and with the humidityyou can adapt it and you can create different shapes. and you can create bowls and longer leavesand many different things. the idea is that through the work of artisans, through hand made work,which is actually a work that's connected to the humanbeing and to it's like a meditation, we can provide alternativesnot only for just training people but for commercial alternativesfor a peaceful and sustainable life. pottery barn

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