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home decor articles online

hello creative weirdos welcome to another on a budget video. we're doing a kitchen. i know, we're crazy. the kitchen is traditionally the most expensive room in the house to renovate update cabinets appliances we're not doing all that today because we have $300 and you know we usually try to really max out this budget so we're gonna do some cosmetic fixes so the kitchen that we are working on actually one of our creative weirdos adriana, submitted her sister jackie who lives in this house. she's married. she has a kid. she works all the time she just hasn't had time to update her kitchen and she really loves that modern farmhouse look so adriana, very sweet sister sent in a video asking us and we came over and met with them, so let's cut to that footage.

hi mr.kate and joey today i am nominating i guess my sister and her husband my sister is a speech and language pathologist these past three years have been a whirlwind for them. they bought a home they also had a child so they've been living on a tight budget. i'm nominating my sister because she's such a hard worker and she's my role model and my best friend and it's just i wanted to do something nice for her and maybe you guys can pick them hellooooooo hiii hiii

how are you? i'm good how are you? hey what's your name? jackie jackie, very nice to meet you hi, jackie. joey, nice to meet you a lot of people use the kitchen as a gathering place oh yeah, i host a lot we have a huge family i hate this kitchen we just honestly haven't been able to afford to make any changes or remodels yeah totally kitchens are expensive. so you're down for whatev?

i'm down for whatever yeah! i think we could do something cool. let's get in for a group pound oh my gosh, how cute are they? i love sisters so that is adriana and jackie it is so great that we're working in a kitchen because we have blue apron sponsoring today's video and also for you guys the link is in the description the first hundred people to sign up are gonna get $40 off their first two weeks that's budget-friendly. alright we have so much to do. i'm gonna go check in with joey. we have to shop we have to prep, we have to paint. oh my gosh two days. woo let's do it

knock-knock i'm mr.kate. you don't even need the introduction. you already know who this is i'm mr.kate, i'm here i'll take a look at your place i'm stopping for awhile and help you find your style we'll laugh and we'll paint. mr.kate! oh, i'm mr.kate what do you think? oh my gosh. so i want to do two tones of color i want to do darker cabinets on the bottom and light on the top which is like very in right now and of course change out these knobs. yeah, alright so obviously we're gonna paint the cabinets

yeah, can we? yeah, we need to clean and we need to de-gloss because we don't want to paint on years of living. yes the key with painting cabinets is preparation, which is why we need two days for this project. and then you want to do a backsplash yes, a backsplash let's do faux brick with those brick panels that we've used before and be a lot cheaper than having to get like backsplash tile and rent the wet saw and all that stuff we could probably get away with just getting one brick panel for the backsplash, which will be more budget-friendly

can we style that? because you can really see. no we do not have budget to do that. no but joey we have so much stuff at the office it doesn't have to be part of the budget. we'll just stop at mr.kate studio and pick up some alright well that is not part of the project. maybe some artwork. that's just extracurricular kate activity ok ok let's go shopping comon and then you're gonna make me lunch today, oh, yeah actually i have something special alright we are really changing things up today. joey is driving because i am going to be really thinking about this project i might actually be also doing some same-day delivery on my phone, which you know don't shop on your phone and drive at the same time

guys we don't usually shop same day, but because we're shop same day delivery same-day delivery but because we're doing two days. we can like risk you know getting the thing at 8:00 p.m. tonight so that we can have it for tomorrow. so thrift store first thrift store! okay wow this place is cool they have so many housewares of things okay, so we're bringing in freshness and updated-ness with the cabinets freshed and updated-ness yep, okay technical terms in order to give it that like rustic farmhouse look

we want some you know woods and metals and things like that things that look vintage against our new crisp cabinets mm-hmm and obviously keeping it very low with shopping her kitchen you're just looking for like styling items like maybe something for that bare wall and then like stuff for the countertop, but not keeping it too cluttered like we're trying to clean it up make it look chic guys a mixed metal rolling pins woww whoa whoa whoa oh my gosh party people!

joey, that. this? the flower container yeah, how cute $2 yes, perfect. oh my gosh look at already vintage farmhouse chic. yeah, tin yeah it's your size chainsaw for like spices or something. sure i do want something. how about a plaid horse? no. sorry buddy. we need something...joey what? whoaaa um. look at how vintage this is it's broken. but imagine this on like, it is?

i could probably fix it yeah, i mean that's a great deal. we should get it here's our collection of well, it's a good collector. modern farmhouse, so this is obviously we're bringing in the vintage with all these things but it's gonna be against our more modernized cabinets. got it. there he is does anybody know what time it is? what? open up welcome to mr.kate's studio so obviously, this is a wonderland of stuff it's like leftover stuff from little projects our house etc just things

we've collected, so i'm gonna pull from here a few things bonus items for the dining room this for like down the dining table or something very farmhouse very farmhouse chic and throw pillows up there and rugs that that natural fiber rugs might work perfectly actually grab that little chair a stool i have to sand and paint that that's pretty dirty. well. i think it needs to be a plant stand okay, i'm so glad we stopped at the office. thank you mr.kate studios for providing us some items

i might hopefully have time to style in the dining room we have so much stuff to do we're gonna stop at our house really quickly and make some lunch for joey, thank you blue apron and then we'll get back to the kitchen and. no we gotta go to the hardware stores, oh right but we're not gonna film that but then we'll go back and start this sucker. okay, bye okay bye look at all this lunch for joey oh my gosh. oh, yeah, that's what i want. that's what i want. get this okay okay okay

that's the refrigerator pack. here is why i love this because everything is already pre-portion which i like because what happens when we go to the grocery store? we buy a lot of stuff and then it rots in our fridge because we bought too much. i just opened the can tomatoes and look who showed up this isn't tuna sorry woxsanne. i mean no offense you're a good chef yeah. but like this is where i like brainless because they have a chef so it's like chef made cuisine how much does this cost us? it's like the meals start at like $8.95 or something.that's a bargain! that's a bargain

wooow so fresh roasted peppers cheesy bread mmmmmm probably gonna wanna click that link in the description mmmm delicious have you ever had a better mafaldo? alright finish we gotta get going. alright alright yeah, you got it i mean i think so.. it is kinda heavy

so, let's just go over what we got we got obviously this panel of brick which is gonna be our backsplash. don't worry. we're gonna paint it white it's gonna be like that modern farmhouse chic look that she likes we also got two gallons of paint one per color for the base cabinets lighter color white for the top, and i also ordered same day delivery i ordered these knobs, this light fixture for over the sink this rug jute rug for down below can you help me? brick on the move soon to be backsplash, see you in there okay so i will we have to do plastic everywhere right? plastic everywhere

de-gloss here's your rag. no. we're not de-glossing yet. we have to clean first kate guys painting cabintre is kind of a pain yeah because with cabinets you don't want to see brushstrokes you don't want to see paint flaking. you know you really you really got to be delicate and so okay i'm gonna clean and clear the cabinets. yes, and what i'm going to do is i'm going to number all the cabinet doors with tape and numbers because it makes our lives so much easier when we have to go put them back on okay, guys so we have

cleaned all of these cabinets and obviously removed them from the bodies, and so what is the next step joey? we have two options. right you can either sand these and paint them. right. which we ain't got time for and also dealing with like the dust and all that and all these contours yeahsanding inside anything with little ridges and stuff is really. so we're gonna use a liquid de-glosser, what it does is it takes down the top layer and etches in so that way you have a more paintable surface basically we're gonna let this dry

i'll go inside and de-gloss the box i have like a ton more drawers and doors to do so yeah you go do that and then we'll do painting. alright so two coats of this let it dry ten minutes in between then paint okay all right so the plan with this guy's is this is gonna be our beautiful backsplash. we are not gonna have it be brick color. don't worry we're gonna paint it a beautiful chalky, white, but we're gonna do that after it's up on the wall so i'm gonna use my circular saw to make the big cuts

and then a jigsaw to cut around things like outlets light switches stuff like that got the right angle to measure on here. and are you what are you using to attach it to the wall? panel adhesive. okay bye brick see you on the wall. see you on the wall okay guys it is paint time so all of these cabinets have been de-glossed they are ready for their coat of paint here are some tips for you guys because painting cabinets is totally different than painting walls so i have here a beautiful high quality enamel paint this is my light color which i'm painting on the upper cabinet

and then we're gonna do the dark color on the lower cabinets so i have my chart here to make sure that i am double checking that i'm painting the right color on the right number of cabinets and i have a brush and a foam roller so the brush i'm gonna use to get into their creases of the cabinet, and then the foam roller is gonna be used over the majority of the phases and the reason for the foam is so that we're getting a nice smooth finish if we use anything that's like has a more of a texture on it we're gonna get that kind of texture that you get when you paint walls, and we don't want that because these are nice smooth wood, and i also have some thumbtacks on hand here

which are a handy dandy little hack trick the trick is to paint the backside and while it's still wet you put in the thumbtacks just in the corners and they become little table legs almost right like little stands so that we can put these over and paint the front side and both sides can be drying at the same time, and we won't worry about getting marks on it and all that stuff. so let's paint guys let there be luz huh oh wrong switch all right guys. we have the brick panel backsplash project

which you know we have that giant wall panel an eight by four and i'm really trying to maximize that i'm just cutting it down into small pieces that i can fit in place and then i'm gonna use some liquid nails and just get those stuck on the wall there's two ways of doing this you could either get outlet extenders but you know we don't have time for that so i'm actually just cutting around the outlets which is also fine because these are low profile as you can see it looks great that's about it, so i'm just gonna get these measured cut out kates then gonna paint them before we glue them to the wall let's get our measurement on shall we?

are you sturdy thumbtack? okay so in an ideal world i would probably let this back dry a little bit more but i have so many to do so i just put them and i'm gonna carefully turn this over look at our little legs, i'm won't bore you with watching me paint a bajillion cabinets but that's over here for two days so tomorrow when we're back we're gonna paint the backsplash add the cabinet knobs and hopefully reveal to happy sisters they are dry oh my gosh.they look so good right? they turn out smooth smooth delicious

alright, alright, so what is this? shall we start with number one and two. one and two one forty oh my gosh no 37 36 . it's gonna look great. it's gonna look so good. i'm so excited. it's time to paint this brick okay, so these are just some of the panels that joey has just so beautifully cut i mean how great is joey guys let's just take a moment thank you joey. thank you. i don't know where he is thank you, because i come up with this up, but i couldn't actually implement it without him okay so i'm not gonna use the satin finish white that we have on the cabinet's because i don't want these to be glossy at all i really want them to have that look of like real painted brick, so this is this chalky white paint

which will give it absolutely ultra matte finish okay what i ended up doing was two coats on the actual brick pieces themselves but just one coat on the grout so that i'm really kind of covering up more of the brushstrokes on the red tone but leaving the gray of the mortar grout to show through so almost done more to do wow look at your genius device my genius piece of a box did you invent that? i did well if this is a straight edge here

so we'll use the top hole and then use the template to drill the other hole but look. love it. right? and so these are gonna go here, so gorge on all the cabinets boom boom boom all around on the bottom, too and then we have these gorgeous cut poles for the drawers. you're so smart you're so smart what are you doing? are you ready for my show-and-tell? yeah okay, you can help me, okay. all right, so we got our panels you painted them. they look beautiful thank you. we got a tube of panel adhesive super cheap like 2 dollars 50 cents. love it. and that's gonna attach all of these to the long great

so we're just gonna apply a little bead around the edges and then we're gonna use the panel grab technique you put it up you take it off, and then you put it back up so to get some of the adhesive onto the wall. yeah, you let it dry for like a minute, and then you put it back up oh gosh please look good sing me a song waiting song. the waiting song we're all waiting we're waiting waiting we're waiting for the panel grabbing grabbing put it back now it will stay all right, so i'll put all the panels up. great. oh i'm gonna put the trim on these as well. cool

you do break i do knobs okay, and then the big reveal. and i still kinda want to do some bonus over there booya five million more to go put this there, this there, it looks so good you guys what do you think? holy crap you guys $300 for this kitchen, or as you guys can see the two-tone cabinets is just really glamorous and beautiful and it really has just totally updated the feeling in here but of course we're still staying classic with the modern farmhouse fives

and it was so important that we prepped and did it right to paint these cabinets so this is a lasting finish for them and will last until they have the budget to totally redo this kitchen and i just love love the brick i mean joey and his cutting skills this brick backsplash makes such a big difference in here i kept the styling fairly simple, but of course we needed to bring in the texture with our thrift store items they look so good i love that clock on the wall and just all the elements of wood and metal and okay the bonus room you know i couldn't help myself we see this room from the kitchen so those items that we picked up at the office just styled over there. that's actually

a piece that she had in her other room. they can move it back they want, but it looks really good there they should keep it, and yeah. i'm so happy the knobs looks so good this rug the texture. oh my gosh i had an accident i was cleaning up joey what did you do? they're here by the way. splatter. it's kind of cool though actually is kind of cool. well let it dry. okay. i'm gonna bring them in are you ready? okay, how good does it look? it looks soo good! oh my gosh okay, i'll get them, okay let's get them

i'm gonna place you jackie right here keep your eyes closed. okay, okay, so picture your room picture your kitchen before do you remember what it looks like? so ugly, yes one....two....three this is amazing! do you like my backlash? i love it. it's faux, but it's in there. move around. i'm gonna cook now! it's so beautiful, it doesn't look like the same kitchen you guys this is amazing

i'm so glad you like it! i love it! your welcome its your same fridge. you guys this is so gorgeous i'm so glad with the two-tone, it's like that vibe can kate and i blow your mind for a second? yes. we spent less then $300 doing all this you guys are soo awesome and i'm so glad. cool new light you guys changed the ugly light and look at that so i went to the thrift store and found a little kind of like you know farmhouse vibe touches

which you can style and add all the rest of the things you need it's perfect thank you i love it so much your new gold luxe knobs and handles these are so beautiful. i know aren't they so cool and then we added that little wooden ledge and i just styled it as a little breakfast ledge theres a little stool over there and then that's the bonus stuff, i just i took your buffet from the other room and the great vine you guys thank you so much she's like my best friend and my role model

and i am who i am because of her and like she takes care of everybody before she takes care of her self and aw that's so sweet. you're so sweet that you sponsored her or nominated her it was it was a long couple days yeah we're probably gonna leave we're gonna let you guys enjoy it. we'll go cook ourselves some more dinner, maybe blue apron meals thank you for being a creative weirdo thank you for letting us into your home oh my gosh, thank you. no you're amazing

bye. thank you for letting us in here your welcome enjoy. yeah check it out bye, we'll see you later what do you think guys new style you guys always ask in the comments like how do you not get paint on your clothes proof that we actually do i have some on my shirt but it's minimal that was amazing. anyways holy. surprised we pull that off. yeah, i am very surprised i hope that you guys got inspired for your kitchens because obviously it is possible to do a kitchen on a budget and

you just have to be a creative weirdo about it ohand we will post these projects on the blog if you guys don't already know we post a blog post on mrkate.com with every single video we release and it has all the details on the projects and the steps and all that so that you guys can follow some of these for your kitchens cuz that faux brick. oh my gosh, joey. let me just tell you i mean i said this to you guys. i'm saying to joey. i couldn't do this without you. i couldn't do it without you no, what i mean i really thank you so much for all your hard work i really thank you. no cuz you get so sweaty, and you work so hard, and i really appreciate you. it's all in a day's work i really do i really do

thank you for watching guys leave us a comment follow us on social media and thanks blue apron for sponsoring today's makeover. tes, and for feeding us. thank you. that was delicious give us a thumbs up leave us a comment below. let us know what budget video we should do next what type of room should we do next? thank you guys for watching, and we'll see you next time stay weird stay wonderful stay creative. muahh oh kate. what? that's me and you oh my gosh

i can't take you anywhere. wait, what did you just do? i don't know, that is not representative of our relationship. i hope not.

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