bedroom color combination pictures

bedroom color combination pictures

hi my name's maxine brady and i'm an interiorstylist. today i'm working with bensons for bedsand i'm going to answer some of your decorating questions, to give your room a little bitof extra sparkle. i've put a lot of thought into this andits quite a difficult question to answer because it depends a lot on your personality. if you're undecided between going quiteneutral, or going for really bold colours, you need to start at the very beginning andhone down your ideas. the best way to do this is to create a moodboard. a moodboard is a place where you put all yourlikes and dislikes of rooms in one place.

you could use internet resources like pinterest,with lots of lovely images, or instagram, or blogs like mine. you save all those images together – ofthe rooms you like, the bedrooms you like and all the colours – and you build up apattern. it's great to physically print them outand put them in a notebook. you'll slowly notice over time that you'repossibly drawn to a more natural colour scheme, or you really like bold pink or calming blues. you'll see a theme come through. as you hone that down and hone it down andhone it down, you'll end up creating a room

that suits your mood and what you like. for more bedroom decorating ideas, don'tforget to visit my blog, we love home. if you want a bit of shopping inspiration,visit bensons for beds.

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