vintage victorian living room furniture

vintage victorian living room furniture

so you're looking at some victorian furnitureand you're not quite sure what you have. i'm blake kennedy and i'm a certified appraiser.i'm here at patty and friends antique mall in saint petersburg, florida and i'm hereto help. victorian furniture has really come down in price. a lot of people think - theygive me a call and say i have antique furniture and i show up and it's victorian furniture.victorian furniture today is down in the market, the decorators are not buying it, things goup in price, things go down in price. victorian furniture is made, you know obviously in theeighteen-forties, eighteen-seventies, eighteen-eighties. there's quite a bit of it out there rightnow, it's just not moving that fast. things that used to bring eight hundred and ninehundred dollars are now bringing in two-hundred

and fifty to three hundred dollars. it's justthe market changes and the victorian furniture just happens to be one that's down in priceright now. so don't get rid of your victorian furniture because the time is not right. themarket is not right. the prices are low. hang on to it, enjoy it, love it, put it in storage,put it in air conditioned storage. victorian furniture will come back. my name is blakekennedy and i hope that helped.

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