vintage living room paint ideas

vintage living room paint ideas

industrial home dã©cor inspiration to designyour house for some people, industrial building is likean art piece ready to be renewed, which is why people start to use industrial home dã©coras their interior theme. although usually this theme is applied onold barn, warehouse, as well as other industrial building but now this style also takes stormtowards house interior design. especially since this style has unique detailwhich makes it really interesting such as industrial fixture and machinery. rustic items and unfinished design reallybrings out the manufacturing and mechanical element to your house interior design.

let us start to transform your urban houseto more stylish and trendy living quarters that you might love with this industrial style. how to use industrial home dã©cor for yourhouse interior design first, you must try to use industrial homedã©cor furniture that suitable for this style. most of the time the furniture would be madefrom wood and metal which unfinished or rustic. you can also use reclaimed furniture as oneof your way to decorate your house with industrial theme. leathers sofa also suitable for this themeas long as they have natural earth tone which

could match well with the surrounding. of course, that doesn’t mean you could notuse modern furniture since you could still mix your modern piece with the old piece sothey could blend together. 4.choose your background since this industrial theme used to be use inside old barn, old warehouses, and old industrialbuildings, they have unique background. that is why you also need to choose your backgroundto match the real background that they have in the real building to your own house. of course, you do not need to build your housewall from scratch just to apply this style

since there are faux wall finishing whichyou could apply to get the same appearance as that old buildings. industrial home dã©cor background that youcould use is concrete wall, unfinished brick wall, and old barn wood wall. 3.concrete concrete has been used as the industrial era structure a long time ago, that is why whenpeople who want to apply industrial home dã©cor theme inside their house for the first time,they tend to leave the concrete part of their house unfinished as decoration.

some also create concrete structure insidetheir house such as permanent shelving, bench, or table. but since they are all permanent sometimesit gives some trouble in the future. luckily in our modern world there are a lotof items which inspired by those concrete structures so they are made with concretebut there are portable items which you could move easily. try to add several concrete accent items toyour industrial house interior to give nice feeling for it such as table, bookshelf, vase,candle holder, and many others. 2.expose mechanic.

on those rustic metal items that you use as industrial home dã©cor some must have, somemechanic inside. in industrial era mechanical items is verypopular since people are curious on how the mechanic work to run the machine. that is why some of them are exposed so wecould really see the mechanical system inside. use this exposed mechanical items inside yourhouse to really apply the unique theme inside your house. by using those items, it will really changethe feeling of your house interior dramatically. 1.rustic metal

the industrial theme used a lot of iron and steel items which originated in the era whereiron and steel are produced in the us and used all over the world. this is why to apply this style inside yourhouse; you must use several rustic metal items around your house such as lighting fixture,rustic metal hardware on the furniture, plumbing for curtain and shelf, even old metal itemsand many others. use brushed nickel, wrought iron, cast iron,copper and other rustic metal items as your industrial home dã©cor. tips in using industrial theme inside yourhouse

applying industrial theme inside your houseis actually very easy. all you need to do is to think about raw andunfinished appearance and apply it inside that also works when you choose items to putinside your house so try to choose items with rustic, unfinished or refurbish appearanceto decorate your house. if you do not want the industrial feelingto be too heavy and take out your entire house you could still insert several modern pieceshere and there but make sure that it is still suitable for the industrial theme. for example, you should not put items withplastic material since it is not suitable with industrial theme but you can still useit if it has dark rustic metal faux finishing.

so really just use your creativity when youwant to use industrial home dã©cor. that’s it for today episode.before you leave, help this video rank higher with your comment, like, or lovely share. see you again next time sometimes in the futureand press subscribe button to keep our videos in your youtube play list. thanks for watching and see you again later.

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