vintage living room mirrors

vintage living room mirrors

if you’re trying to clean up some parts of your home that are flawed or seem to stay cluttered, you’re in the right place. everyone has some of these areas at home, and they often become eye sores that distract from the sophistication of your home. here are a few easy diy fixes for places in your home like those ugly paint stains on the patio or the light fixture that looks like it’s from the 1970s.

this is 20 ways to disguise the ugliest parts of your home. 1. use world maps to cover up ugly flaws on your wall. we’ve all made some paint color mistakes. it’s never the same as the vision in your head— instead of sea foam green it comes out puke green. so instead of rushing back to the store for more paint, why not cover it up with something

with a classic and sophisticated look? maps add a certain level of sophistication to any wall. acquire some old maps and use pushpins to cover up the color of a wall. this works best on smaller spaces, but it can also be used on large walls too. 2. for ugly patio surfaces or paint spills, use a colorful diy drop cloth.

painted walls aren’t the only ugly thing around your house related to paint fixes. remember the time you spilled black paint on the patio and it just wouldn’t come off? cover it up by painting a drop cloth. you’ll use this as a cover up for the ugly places on your patio. don’t be afraid to give it some color or pattern— bright colors suit outdoor spaces well.

just remember to stay within the color wheel of your patio furniture! 3. cover up water spots on your ceiling with antique scarves held in place using thumbtacks. many older homes have at least a few water stains in a ceiling somewhere. instead of trying to redo the sheetrock or paint, cover it up with some beautiful scarves

stretched over the surface of the ceiling and hung with thumbtacks. though you’ll need to cover the entire ceiling in a given room, it creates a soft and interesting look for any ceiling. it’s an easy cover-up for something that would otherwise be difficult and costly to repair. 4. use chalkboard paint to cover up black marks

on your white doors. one of the most trendy finishes on the market today, chalk board paint comes in handy when you’d like to disguise some ugly accidents. with white paint especially, doors can get banged and scratched easily. it doesn’t take long for a white door to become littered with black scrape marks from general use.

chalk board paint is the perfect solution because it not only covers up the marks, but it also provides a nice drawing board for children or your to-do list. 5. use fancy paint stirrers in a cool pattern to cover up exposed screws on flat surfaces. if you’re using furniture which has surfaces with exposed screws,

dress it up a bit using something that doesn’t cost a penny. paint stirrers are free at most hardware stores and can be collected to become the new surface of your furniture. glue the paint stirrers straight onto a flat surface (like the side of a book shelf) to get a cool pattern and cover up the exposed screws. 6.

make a cool utility cover for the outside of your home using plywood. in this fix, you’ll use some plywood and a few other simple materials to create a cover for that ugly mess of utility boxes on the side of your home. it will take a bit of building and painting, but the simple but classy look you’ll get will hide those boxes.

you can even customize the look of the cover by adding different colors, patterns, murals, or even adding your house number or last name. and it won’t prevent your utility company from assessing your usage. 7. finish your ugly laminate counter top with a diy paint kit that looks like expensive granite. coming in all colors and textures,

paint kits can be easily bought online or in a local hardware store. it’s the perfect way to turn your drab laminate counter top into something new and fresh. it covers up any flaws of your countertop while giving the look of an expensive granite counter. this specific granite paint kit comes with very specific instructions. though it’s not overly difficult,

there is a learning curve that comes with doing things very precisely. this kit is an excellent example of how your diy project can transform your drab laminate counter into an expensive-looking granite counter top. more ideas 8. construct a woven art piece to cover up holes or scratches on your wall.

woven wall hangings can be purchased at a secondhand store or new, but you can also craft one yourself. hide those ugly wall mishaps that you can’t repaint by covering them with a trendy woven piece. it’s also customizable, as you can do one more or less complex, or with colors of your choice.

relatively inexpensive, this is a great diy project that not many people have in their homes. 9. assemble a crafty self-made light fixture cover if you don’t like your current one. if you’re not really a fan of the lighting fixtures in your rental, this is an easy way to fix it up without breaking the rules. it’s a simple diy project using hoops

and canvas material. you’ll make a hanger for it so that it can easily hang from the original fixture. it’s a classy way to cover up an ugly lighting option. the great thing about diy projects like this one is that you can customize it to meet your needs however you want. 10. use fabric paint and a special medium to complete this diy upholstery cover for any chair

or ugly upholstered furniture. grandma’s old ratty upholstered chair that you inherited can become a beautiful eye-catching addition to your living room with this easy fix. that old chair may look worn and dated, but this fix will restore its vibrancy with a new look. if a slip cover just isn’t working, use some good quality fabric paint to cover it up! though it feels a bit like leather after painted,

it is a comfortable and affordable way to change the look of a room. 11. add crown molding and use paint to cleverly disguise cheap shelves. want to take your bookcase from a cheap look to a custom look? add some crown molding to the top of the shelf, while using extra wood to create some vertical dividers.

it varies your shelf sizes and shapes, giving an interesting and custom look to your room. this will take some measuring and cutting, but will leave you with a shelf that isn’t your typical ikea buy. you can also paint the back drop of the shelf a different color to give it an additional pop. 12. transform your plane jane light switch cover

into something interesting using a mod podge glue and your favorite text. light switches are something you use many times a day, but the plain white covers don’t usually keep your attention or add anything to the look of the room. here’s a fun new way to give your walls a little something extra.

by gluing a copy of a page from your favorite book down to the light switch cover, you’ll create a truly unique look that is something you’ll enjoy and talk to others about. use an exacto knife to trim it to fit the cover perfectly. it’s fun and easy, and best of all cheap! 13. spray paint your ugly vinyl chair for a cool, fresh look.

another way to hide an ugly chair cover is to use specialty spray paint. maybe you’re not as great at painting as you’d like to be, so spray paint can be a good option. just find a few cans of vinyl spray paint from a local auto parts store and go to town with them! it may change the texture of the fabric,

but it should still work fine and shouldn’t crack. 14. use metallic sharpies to disguise old or rusted metal furniture coverings. metallic sharpies aren’t only for professional scrap-bookers. with this easy fix, you can use them to cover up ugly old rusty metallic parts of your home. chrome covers, chair legs, or table legs

are good options to use the metallic sharpies on. make sure the coverage looks even and smooth before you allow it to dry. it may also take a couple coats, but when you’re finished it will look newer and brighter. 15. for your ugly brown or grey folding chair, use new fabric and some paint to make it into an interesting room addition.

everyone appreciates a pop of color somewhere in a room. your eye is drawn to it. why not fix up that old folding chair into a piece that makes your room pop? folding chairs are relatively easy to reupholster and the painting should be easy as well. pick a fun fabric for the seat of the chair, unfasten the seat, and recover.

then it’s just a matter of finding a paint color that goes well with the fabric. give it several coats of paint and you’ll end up with a chair that adds to your room. 16. transform your outdated kitchen backsplash into a clean, classy one using all-purpose paint. we’ve all been there— finding something outdated that doesn’t seem

to be easy thing to fix. with a backsplash, it can be expensive and time consuming to order all new tiles or textures. with some moderate grouting and some all-purpose paint, you can exchange your outdated backsplash for a clean new look. 17. fix your ugly chrome-finish fireplace in under 24 hours

by using white wash and all-purpose paint. in this diy fix to hide an outdated fireplace, you’ll follow steps to whitewash the red bricks, paint any mantle or shelves, and then touch up the brass surrounding the fireplace. although this sounds specific, the principles can be followed for any kind of fireplace set up. it’s a great and fun way to give your living area

a whole new sophisticated look in a short amount of time. 18. hide those hazy glass shower doors by hanging new curtains. after a few years of use, shower doors quickly become hazy and look dated. if you’re tired of trying to clean the haze off those ugly shower doors,

you can easily cover this section of your bathroom by hanging some new curtains with a long tension rod in front of the doors. it’s an easy fix for a big problem in the bathroom. 19. use a collage of art of your choice to hide an ugly wall. still looking for creative ways to cover the flaws on your wall ? a trendy way to add some interest to your room

and also cover up the ugly part of the wall is to find some items you’d like to hang in a new collage. family photos, interesting art pieces, fabric in a frame, or anything else you’d like to put in your collage will work great. the perfect thing about this option is that it is so flexible—you can hang anything you’d like in your collage.

20. hide your dog food and water bowl in a drawer. one of the big eyesores in any pet owner’s home is the food and water dish. they are also messy, getting knocked over constantly. clean it up and keep it that way by putting the dishes in a reachable drawer that can be pulled out for use and then pushed back in when not in use.

you can pull out the drawer and your pet has instant and direct access to eat from the drawer instead of the floor. though it could take up a good bit of room, adding an additional set of drawers for your pet’s food and water bowls can give you extra storage as well. that’s it, come back next time with more home dã©cor ideas

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