interior design ideas for living room in nigeria

interior design ideas for living room in nigeria

i wore the shirt first. i actually put iton first. i had this picked out last night. that'snot my problem. can you take that with me. hi i'mcristina. and i'm krysta. and this is whiskey! we got a puppy, and we need a little bit more space in our apartment, and we basically bought a house for whiskey! (laughing) the first room you walk in when you see our house is our living room. function, style and thelayout those are probably our biggest challenges. we come in and i don't have a place to put my backpack or my jacket. and just making sure it you don't see everything when you come in. it's a very transitional space right feels like we can't settle in here.

either one person is lounging on thesofa and another person is at the dining room table, but it just doesn't feel like there's a sense of togetherness. i think i'm fresh out of ideas. most of our co-workers when we told them we were buying a house they were like, "oh yeah,you're buying a house?! that's great! where are you buying?" and we're like, "seatac," and they're like, "ohhhhh...that - that's nice..." like, how rude! right?! you're poo-pooing on our dream! (laughing)

like this is our first house and you'repoo-pooing on it! i am really excited to get this process started! and just having this property that we're co-owning, for me it anchors the idea that we're building a future together. just to finally had like just to finally have a space that's comfortable and ours and i want to feel like, this is my castle. i feel a lot more relaxed in this space with both of us in here. the quality of life is probably the biggest part for me. you know, i walked in earlier today, and ihad my jacket, and i was almost going to put it on the chair, and i was like "wait, no! i have a place for this now!" i'm excited to actually use the entryway space for what it's meant to be used for.

the fact that everything's concealed but there's just so much room to put things in there it's almost amazing to me. we're growing up. (laughing) i know, six years later and we're growing up. yeah, i think this is going to definitely bring us closer. i mean, we already sit on the same sofa, so it is bringing us closer. like, actually closer. i think whisky loves this space. we're not letting him on the couch anymore! ehhh! i feel so bad for saying that! (laughing) we'll probably let him on the couch because the covers are washable. i am excited for people to get over here! like, "hey, let's go to seatac! theyhave a really cool house!"

"we can go play some board games over there, drink some ciders over there!" "fire pit in the back, we can bring our dogs!" we have a sense of pride now i just can't wait to like spread that out into other rooms. opening that door and coming in and just seeing the room it makes me feel happy. it feels like our place now, our home.

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