decorating living room brown leather couch

decorating living room brown leather couch

[ music ] combat the clutter in your entryway,no matter how small it is, with a few simple tricks. first, decide what you really needto have in your entry. and then relocate everything else to another place in your home. next,find a place for your entryway essentials. start with a console table with plenty ofstorage options. such as open shelves and drawers. add bins for easy and stylish storage.label your bins to clearly indicate what goes where. prevent shoe pile- ups by using thelower shelf as out of the way footwear storage. use unconventional solutions for table topstorage. a vintage pot as a charging perch. a lunch box as a caddy for a digital cameraand its accessories. and a dessert dish for dropping jewelry. eliminate the key hunt everymorning. hang keys on a jewelry tree, so they're

always in the same place. install wall cubbiesas a home for small objects, like makeup and pens. hang a few hooks alongside the cubbiesfor coats and bags. add a small bench as a perch for putting on shoes. place a liddedbasket for scarves and hats beneath the bench. no matter how small your entry way, it's easyto squeeze in storage. just streamline what you're storing there and add these simplesolutions. [ music ]

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